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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Adam, Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Two...1960-1961

Still Losing To Perry Mason
On Saturdays

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 50.) The Bride
         January 21, 1961
         Written by:
 Richard Newman
         Directed by: Alvin Ganzer

         The Cartwrights' ownership of the Ponderosa is threatened by a woman claiming to be Ben's wife, her scheming partner, and a crooked sheriff.

         Guest Stars: Sheriff Mike Latimer...John McIntire,...Jennifer Lane...Suzanne Lloyd,...Frank Milton...Adam West,...Eb Bailey...William Mims,...Ned Birch...Hank Worden,...Miner...Mickey Simpson,...Bartender...Herb Vigran,...Driver...Clarence Straight...(uncredited; bit part),...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Adam West & extra as deputy),...Robert Herron...(uncredited; stunt double for Pernell Roberts).

         Trivia: John McIntire makes his first of two appearances on the series.  He plays Sheriff Mike Latimer in this episode.  He later appears as Charlie in eight's "Old Charlie".  The beautiful Suzanne Lloyd makes her only appearance on the series as Jennifer Lane.  She's the mother of actress Tracy Bregman.  The suave and handsome Adam West plays Frank Milton in this episode.  His signature success was the ABC-TV series 'Batman' from 1966-1969.  Born on September 19, 1928 and at 6' 2".  A veteran of film and television, Mr. West is still active today and even has his own website on the Internet.

         Character actor William Mims makes his second appearance, in this episode he plays Eb Bailey.  He was previously in one's "The Magnificent Adah" as Sledge.  He later appears in six's "A Man to Admire" as prosecutor Byron Evans and in thirteen's "One Ace Too Many" as Williams. Hank Worden makes his second and last appearance on the series as Ned Birch.  He was previously in one's "The Stranger" as the way station owner.  Mickey Simpson plays the miner in the saloon who organizes the lynch mob and Clarence Straight goes uncredited as the driver who takes Jennifer to the Ponderosa.  Herb Vigran makes another appearance as the bartender.

         Stunt Trivia: This is the first episode where Pernell Roberts is stunt doubled.  Robert Herron doubles Adam in bit parts in the savage hotel fight, with Bob Miles doubling Frank.  Pernell Roberts and Adam West only do their close-ups in the fight.  Robert Herron was called in by Bob Miles to double Adam, but could not stay on as a regular, due to his very busy schedule in film and television.  The next year, Bob called in Henry Wills to double Adam through the sixth year of the series.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California and July 1959 stock footage at Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: October 6-13, 1960

 51.) Bank Run
         January 28, 1961
         Written by:
 N. B. Stone, Jr.
         Directed by: Robert Altman

         When they "rob" the bank in Virginia City to save depositors from being cleaned out by its president, Hoss and Joe wind up wanted by the law.  A humorous episode directed by Robert Altman.

         Guest Stars: Mr. Finch...Dan Tobin,...Mr. Johnson...Wynn Pearce,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Tim O' Brien...Walter Burke,...John J. Harrison...Ian Wolfe,...J. R. Huggins...Owen Bush,...Harrison's Advisors...Arnold Merritt & Howard Wendell,...Mr. Miller...Carl Milletaire,...Frank...Mickey Finn,...Townsman...Bruno Ve Sota...(uncredited; bit part),...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Brunette Townswoman...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Townswoman...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Mr. Finch is played by character actor Dan Tobin, in his first appearance on the series.  He would play other support roles throughout the main run on the series.  Wynn Pearce plays Mr. Johnson the teller, along with Ray Teal as Roy Coffee.  The sinister John J. Harrison is played by Ian Wolfe, making his second appearance on the series.  He was previously in one's "The Avenger" as Ed Baxter and would appear as other characters through season six of the series.

         Harrison's advisors are played by Arnold Merritt and Howard Wendell. Howard is later seen in four's "The Last Haircut" as the prosecutor at Duke Miller's trial.  Owen Bush makes his first appearance on the series as J. R. Huggins.  He's later seen as other characters throughout the main run on the series.  Walter Burke plays Tim O' Brien and is later seen as Jesse Pherson in seven's "Destiny's Child".  Mr. Miller is the big cowboy in the saloon and bank, played by actor Carl Milletaire, and Frank, the telegrapher is played by Mickey Finn.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California.

         Film Date: October 22-29, 1960

 52.) The Fugitive
         February 4, 1961
         Written by:
 Richard Landau
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Adam goes to Mexico to find out how the son of a family friend was killed, only to learn the man is still alive.

         Complete Guest Cast: Maria...Ziva Rodann,...Carl Reagan...James Best,...El Jefe...Frank Silvera,...Pablo...Arthur Batanides,...Beulah,...Veda Ann Borg,...Gomez...Salvador Baguez,...Juan...Alex Montoya,...Will Reagan...Will Wright,...Saloon Girl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Ziva Rodann makes her only appearance as the beautiful Maria, with James Best making his first of three appearances on the series.  He plays Carl Reagan in this episode.  He later plays Page in five's "The Legacy" and Vern in nine's "The Price of Salt".  Veteran character actor Frank Silvera makes his first of three appearances on the series.  He plays El Jefe in this episode, and later appears as Mateo Ibara in five's "The Companeros" and as a regular in David Dortort's "The High Chaparral".

         Incidentally, the Mexican street used for the exteriors in this episode, were also used for "The High Chaparral's" local exteriors at Paramount, in the first three seasons of the show.  Character actor Arthur Batanides makes his second and last appearance on the series, this time as Pablo.  He was previously seen as Spiro in one's "Dark Star".  Beulah is played by German-born actress Veda Ann Borg.  She came to Hollywood after World War II and did feature films, including some for Republic Pictures.  She wasn't liked by many in town, since she had ties with the Nazi's in her home country.

         Trivia: Actress Ziva Rodann born in Haifa, Israel in 1935 and was crowned Miss Israel in 1957, made her way into film and television in the 1950's.  She appeared in such TV hits as "Batman", "Rawhide", "Perry Mason", "The Rifleman", "Death Valley Days", and "Hawaiian Eye" in the 1960's.

         Film Date: November 1-8, 1960

 53.) Vengeance
         February 11, 1961
         Written by:
 Marion Parsonnet
         Directed by: Dick Moder

         Hoss accidentally kills a drunk he was trying to disarm.  The man's brother bushwhacks Hoss, who has lost the will to live.  Joe makes a promise to Hoss that he will kill Red Twilight, the vengeful brother who bushwhacked Hoss, no matter what happens, and will not let Adam stand in his way.

         Guest Stars: Red Twilight...Adam Williams,...Mary...Beverly Tyler,...Willie Twilight...Keith Richards,...Deputy...Robert Griffin,...Hotel Clerk...Olan Soule,...Dr. Martin...Roy Engel,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Michael Landon & Adam Williams, extra as Ponderosa cowhand),...Troy Melton...(uncredited; stunt double for Adam Williams).

         Trivia: Adam Williams makes his second appearance on the series, this time as the sinister Red Twilight.  He was previously in one's "The Hanging Posse" as Blackie Marx, and later in seven's "The Brass Box" as Mueller and in eight's "The Prince" as Hardesty.  Character actor Robert Griffin plays the Deputy, in the absence of Ray Teal, and Roy Engel once again as the doctor.  This episode opens up with a wagon pulling a wooden crate, with the name A. J. Durkus stamped on it, who was the production manager at the time in 1960.

         Trivia: The upstairs hallway and two bedroom doors are visible throughout this episode, as many scenes take place at the top of the stair landing.  The upstairs hallway was very small, and on the left inside wall (unseen in most episodes), hung a round wall decoration.  It didn't go any further.  Learn more on my Bonanza Studios page.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles Joe in the living room, along with Troy Melton as Red Twilight, in all the over-the-shoulder and long shots. Michael Landon and Adam Williams only do their close-ups in the fight. When the fight is taken in the front yard, Bob Miles takes his turn at doubling Red, with Michael finishing him off.  As Bob hits the ground, out of camera range, Mike runs over to Adam Williams, who is already in the barn, to do his final scene.

         Location Scenes Filmed at:  Iverson Ranch, Southern California and Arizona stock footage from Paramount's vast film library of Western films.

         Film Date: November 17-24, 1960

 54.) The Tax Collector
         February 18, 1961
         Written by:
 Arnold Belgard
         Directed by: William Witney

         The kindness Hoss extends to shiftless Jock Henry is not exactly repaid when Henry becomes an assistant assessor and raises the Ponderosa's annual tax bill from $375 to $1700.

         Guest Stars: Jock Henry...Eddie Firestone,...Ellen Henry...Kathie Browne,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Dave Hart...Russ Conway,...Mr. Ellery...Charles Watts,...Nancy Hart...Florence MacMichael,...Townswoman...Maudie Prickett,...Baxter...Henry Corden,...Brunette Girl...Betty Endicott...(extra; uncredited),...Blonde Girl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra),...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon & extra as townsman).

         Trivia: Eddie Firestone makes the first of four appearances on the series.  He plays shiftless Jock Henry in this episode.  He later appears in six's "A Good Nite's Rest" as hotel clerk Potts, with a return appearance in seven's "The Meredith Smith".  His last appearance is in ten's "Five Candles" as Banty.  Kathie Browne makes her first appearance on the series, in this episode as Ellen, the wife of Jock.  She later appears in three's "The Tall Stranger" as Margie Owens, and then in season five's "The Waiting Game, "The Cheating Game" and "Triangle" as Laura Dayton, the love interest of Adam Cartwright.

         Baxter, the ranch hand is played by veteran actor and voice-over artist, Henry Corden.  He's played the voice of Fred Flintstone, since the cartoon arrived on the air, back in the 60's.  Character actor Russ Conway makes his first appearance on the series as Dave Hart.  He later appears in the series as Jeremy in eight's "A Man Without Land", the judge in nine's "False Witness" and as Ballenger in ten's "The Passing of a King".

         Trivia: Bobby Miles seen as the cowboy cheering on Joe, during the horse race.  He falls through the railing on the second story balcony, falls and hits the top of a wagon, to the ground, and gets right back up, and keeps on cheering for Joe.  Bob also horseback doubles Joe in the horse race on the main street.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: July 1959 stock footage of Hoss riding Chubby through Tahoe Meadows, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, with stock footage of outdoor shots from Paramount's vast film library of Western films.

         Film Date: November 9-16, 1960

 55.) The Rescue
         February 25, 1961
         Written by:
 Steve McNeil
         Directed by: William Dario Faralla

         The Cartwright boys are concerned that Ben might be getting on in years, yet it is he who saves them from cattle rustlers.

         Guest Stars: Josh Tatum...Leif Erickson,...Jake Moss...Richard Coogan,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Jack Tatum...Burt Douglas,...Gus Tatum...Joseph Partridge,...Johnny Reed...Ron Hayes,...Curly...Lane Bradford,...Alex Sharp...(uncredited; stunt double for Leif Erickson),...Roy Jenson...(uncredited; stunt double for Lorne Greene),...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Richard Coogan).

         Trivia: Leif Erickson makes the first of two appearances on the series. He plays Josh Tatum in this episode.  He later appears as Tom Cain in seven's "All Ye His Saints".  Erickson was a successful singer, but his acting career didn't mirror it, with him in support roles.  He broke the mold when David Dortort hired him for the role of John Cannon in "The High Chaparral" in 1967.  Ron Hayes makes his second appearance on the series as Johnny Reed and would later appear in four's "Mirror of a Man" as twin brothers Jud and Rube, with him returning in eight's "The Bridegroom" as Jared.  He also appears in nine's "Night of Reckoning" as Donald Bucker and in ten's "Emily" as Wade McPhail.  Serial star Lane Bradford makes his third appearance on the series, in this episode as Curly.  He was previously in this season's "The Mission" as Buck and as Lash's foreman in one's "Enter Mark Twain".  Lane would appear throughout the main run of the series as other heavies through season thirteen in 1971.

         Stunt Trivia: Roy Jenson doubles Ben with Alex Sharp doubling Josh, in the long shots of the fight at Iverson Ranch.  Lorne Greene and Leif Erickson only do their close-ups in the fight.  Bob Miles doubles Jake, when one of the Cartwrights shoots him off the rock at the end of the show.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch, Southern California.

         Film Date: November 29 to December 6, 1960

 56.) The Dark Gate
         March 4, 1961
         Written by:
 Ward Hawkins
         Directed by: Robert Gordon

         Adam is confused by the sudden behavior of his good friend, Ross Marquette.  He beats up his wife, Delphine, after accusing her of having an affair with Adam.  He also joins a group of rustlers and killers and helps rob a gold shipment.  Adam thinks Ross is suffering from insanity, in this highlight of season two.

         Guest Stars: Ross Marquette...James Coburn,...Delphine Marquette...Ce Ce Whitney,...Billy Todd...Harry Dean Stanton,...Jake...John Mitchum,...Doctor Paul Martin...Roy Engel,...Monk Hartley...Med Flory,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Sam...James Anderson,...Joe...Joe di Reda,...Mr. Begley...Donald Foster,...Matthew...Rush Williams,...Bob Miles (stunts; uncredited as stagedriver 1),...Clint Sharp...(stunts; uncredited as stagedriver 2),...Bill Clark (uncredited; horseback stunt as payroll guard),...Bob Miles (uncredited; stunt double for James Coburn).

         Stunt Trivia: The stuntmen along with the actors do the dangerous chores during the hold-up at Albertson Ranch.  Bob Miles as the stage driver gets shot off the top of the stage, while Clint Sharp is glued to his seat by gunfire, and Bill Clark as the payroll guard is shot clean off his horse as Ross Marquette (James Coburn) foils Monk's stage robbery.

         Trivia: Guest star James Coburn seen in his second appearance, after season one's "The Truckee Strip", this time as Adam's friend, Ross Marquette.  Character actor Med Flory, in his first Bonanza appearance, would go on to be in "The Saga Of Whizzer McGee" and "The Grand Swing".  Guest star Harry Dean Stanton as Monk's partner, in the outlaw gang, later seen in "The Way Of Aaron", as one of the two outlaws, who plans on robbing the Kaufman wagon.

         Trivia: Pernell Roberts and James Coburn worked together in 1959's "Ride Lonesome".

         Location Trivia: Newly filmed July 1959 stock footage of the lake from the Mount Rose Summit is edited with the live-action shots at Albertson Ranch of Delphine admiring the view along with Adam.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch and Red Rock Canyon, Southern California.  Newly July 1959 stock footage of Crystal Bay and Stateline Point as seen from the Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film Date: December 7-14, 1960

 57.) The Duke
         March 11, 1961
         Written by:
 William Cox, Theodore and Mathilde Ferro
         Directed by: Robert Altman

         Hoss takes on The Duke Of London, an arrogant, abusive bare-knuckle fighter, though his brawn is no match for the Duke's agile skills.

         Guest Stars: Duke...Maxwell Reed,...Marge...Randy Stuart,...J. D. Lambert...Jason Evers,...Limey...J. Pat O' Malley,...Roy Coffee,...Ray Teal,...Bartender...Al Christy,...Brunette Saloon Girl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Saloon Girl & Townsgirl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: European actor Maxwell Reed plays Duke, the arrogant and womanizing prize fighter, in this episode.  J. Pat O' Malley makes his first appearance on the series playing Duke's brother, Limey.  He appears later in four's "Rich Man, Poor Man" as Clancy and in twelve's "The Reluctant American" as Big Mac.  Character actor Jason Evers makes his first of two appearances on the series.  He plays J. D. Lambert in this episode.  He later appears in eight's "Journey to Terror" as Tom Blackwell.  Actress Randy Stuart plays his girlfriend, Marge, the saloon girl in this episode.  The fight at the end has Dan Blocker and Maxwell Reed doing their complete fight, with no stunt doubling on Stage 16.

         Film Date: December 15-22, 1960

 58.) Cutthroat Junction
         March 18, 1961
         Written by:
 Nat Tanchuck
         Directed by: Dick Moder

         When freight company detective Jed Trask is fired after a decade of service, he joins the thieves preventing supplies from reaching Virginia City.  Solid Western with all four Cartwrights and Jed Trask, played to perfection by guest star Robert Lansing.

         Guest Stars: Jed Trask...Robert Lansing,...Belle Trask...Shirley Ballard,...Mike Campbell...Dick Wessell,...Weasel...John Harmon,...Walker...J. Edward McKinley,...Simms...Dan White,...Thorn...Bob Anderson,...McCorkland...Jim Hayward,...Stage Driver...Robert Adler,...Bob Miles....(stunts as townsman, gang member & stage driver),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt as gang member).

         Trivia: Robert Lansing makes his first of two appearances on the series.  He plays freight detective Jed Trask in this episode.  He later appears as Gunny in eleven's "Danger Road".  Jed's wife is played by Shirley Ballard, the wife of actor Jason Evers.  Big Mike Campbell is played by Dick Wessell, along with John Harmon making another appearance, this time playing Weasel.

         Bob Anderson plays Thorn in this episode, and is later seen as Fallon in eight's "The Greedy Ones".  Support actor Dan White makes another appearance, this time as Simms, with J. Edward McKinley as Mr. Walker. The stage driver is played by Robert Adler, with Jim Hayward playing Mr. McCorkland.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles performs his stunts, first as a townsman running out of the saloon who gets shot, then as a gang member who gets shot in a gunfight, and later as the stage driver who is shot off the stage by Trask and his gang.  Bill Clark plays a gang member who Ben shoots at night, who is about to set the barn on fire.

         Location Scenes Filmed at:  Iverson Ranch, Southern California and stock footage of Utah from Paramount's film library.

         Film Date: January 12-19, 1961

 59.) The Gift
         April 1, 1961
         Written by:
 Denne Petitclerc, Thomas Thompson
         Directed by: William Witney

         While crossing the desert to Yuma, Arizona with a white stallion intended as a birthday present for Ben, Joe runs into a pack of merciless comancheros.  His companion, a former comanchero, Emiliano, who raised the horse, must get he and Joe through safely.  A season two highlight of the series.

         Guest Stars: Emiliano...Martin Landau,...Sam Wolfe...Jim Davis,...Cash Wolfe...Jack Hogan,...Lt...Robert Christopher,...Cayetano...Joe Yrigoyen,...Jail Guard....Felipe Turich,...Chet...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon & stunt double for Jack Hogan & as bandit),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: The great Martin Landau makes his only appearance as Emiliano, in a magnetic, intense and sensitive performance.  Landau is best remembered in the 60's hit TV-series 'Mission: Impossible' and in the 70's TV-series 'Space 1999'.  He was married to actress Barbara Bain fror many years, who was his co-star on Mission.  Jim Davis makes his first of three appearances on the series.  He plays the sinister Sam Wolfe in this episode.  He would later appear as Johnny in six's "Lothario Larkin" and as Sam Butler in nine's "The Arrival of Eddie".  Jack Hogan plays Sam's younger brother, Cash Wolfe.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles horseback doubles Joe in bit parts, riding the white horse at Red Rock Canyon.  Michael only does his filmed close-ups on the horse, while Martin Landau is capable of doing all his riding shots safely and with no falls.  Bob also plays Chet, the wounded soldier who is struck by an arrow in act one and later doubles Cash in the fight with Joe in the horse corral. Bob also plays the bandit in the checkered shirt, taking the fall from the fake cliff on Stage 16, when Joe and Emiliano shoot him down.  Bill Clark doubles Ben on horseback, when he mounts up in pursuit of Joe later in the story.

         Horse Trivia: This marks the first of six appearances of Sheik, the beautiful white stallion.  Sheik was born and raised at the White Horse Ranch in Naper, Nebraska, specializing in pure white or Albino horses.  However, very few live to be born because albinoism is a fatal genetic flaw with these horses.  They are not true Albino's although they may look like one;the eyes are blue, not pink.  Sheik was also in "Broken Arrow", starring Michael Ansara, "Zorro" as Phantom ridden by Guy Williams, and in Spin & Marty as Dynamite.  He would later appear in this season's "Sam Hill" as Colonel Tyson's white horse, four's "Song In The Dark" as Danny Morgan's white horse and in four's "Mirror Of A Man" as the prize Arabian Stallion that Little Joe is bringing back to the Ponderosa from Carson City.  He is later seen in six's "A Knight To Remember" as the white horse ridden by the armoured knight.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert, Southern California.

         Film Date: January 4-11, 1961

 60.) The Rival
         March 15, 1961
         Written by:
 Anthony Lawrence
         Directed by: Robert Altman
         Original Story Title: "The Witness"

         Jim Applegate, Hoss' rival for the affections of Cameo Johnson, is a member of a vigilante group who lynched an innocent man and his wife.  Directed by Robert Altman, who begins this episode with a close-up of a frog.

         Guest Stars: Cameo Johnson...Peggy Ann Garner,...Jim Applegate...Charles Aidman,...Gideon...Robert McQueeney,...Mr. Morehouse...Joe De Santis,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Jess Morehouse...Orville Sherman,...Peggy Morehouse...Charlene Brooks,...Clem Johnson...Bill Clark.

         Trivia: Peggy Ann Garner plays Cameo Johnson in this episode, with Charles Aidman as her love interest, Jim Applegate.  Robert McQueeney makes the first of three appearances on the series.  He plays Gideon in this episode and is later seen in eight's "Black Friday" as Enos, and in nine's "False Witness" as the Sheriff.  Mr. Morehouse is played by veteran character actor Joe De Santis.  He would later appear down the stretch as other characters in the series.  He appears as Sam in three's "Look to the Stars", in nine's "Second Chance" as Dawson and most notably as Father Xavier in eleven's "Decision at Los Robles".

         Filming dates: January 20-27, 1961

 61.) The Infernal Machine
         April 22, 1961
         Written by:
 Ward Hawkins
         Directed by: William Witney

         Hoss believes in his friend's primitive version of the automobile in this lighthearted, yet sad episode.  When the "car" uses up the last of its fuel, Hoss remarks, "Dadburn it, I still say it woulda worked".

         Guest Stars: Daniel Pettibone...Eddie Ryder,...Robin Pettibone...June Kenney,...Big Red...Nora Hayden,...Peter Long...George Kennedy,...Cyrus K. Throckmorton,...Willard Waterman,...Horace Ogleby....Vaughn Taylor,...Jigger...Ken Mayer,...Jeb...Shug Fisher,...1st Boy...Ricky Kelman,...2nd Boy...Richard Correll,...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Brunette Saloon Girl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Saloon Girl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker),...Alex Sharp...(uncredited; stunt double for George Kennedy).

         Trivia: Character actor Eddie Ryder makes his first appearance on the series, as Daniel Pettibone.  He's seen later on the series as other characters, notably in nine's "The Conquistadores" as Perkins and in eleven's "The Silence at Stillwater" as Vern.  Eddie was a good friend of Dan Blocker.  Actress June Kenney plays Dan's wife, Robin Pettibone and red-haired and busty Nora Hayden plays saloon girl Big Red.  George Kennedy makes his first of two appearances on the series.  He plays Peter Long in this episode, who falls in love with Big Red.  He's later seen in six's "The Scapegoat" as Waldo Watson.

         The convincing and smooth-talking Cyrus K. Throckmorton is portrayed to perfection by actor Willard Waterman.  Support player Vaughn Monroe makes his first appearance on the series, in this episode, as the skeptical townsman, Horace Ogleby.  He would later appear as C. R. Lively in eight's "A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town" and as Eggers in nine's "Judgement at Olympus".  Ken Mayer makes another appearance, in this episode as Jigger, with Shug Fisher making his first one as Jeb.  The two are a great comedy relief team in this episode.  Shug Fisher is later seen as the stage driver in nine's "Stage Door Johnnies" and as Zack Toller in twelve's "El Jefe".  The two little boys at the barn are played by Ricky Kelman and Richard Correll.  Kelman returns in three's "The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch" as the little boy Joe hires to tell Hoss, the Ponderosa is on fire, so he can go a date with Jennifer Flinch.

         Stunt Trivia: In the musically-entrenched and hilarious cabin fight in act four, has Bill Clark doubling Hoss in the long shots, with Alex Sharp doubling George Kennedy as well.  Dan Blocker and George only do their filmed close-ups on the set.

         Film Date: February 15-22, 1961

 62.) The Thunderhead Swindle
         April 29, 1961
         Written by:
 Gene L. Coon
         Directed by: Dick Moder

         With Virginia City on the verge of economic ruin, out of work miners put their hopes in word of a strike at a mine everbody believed was played out.  Ben suspects the new owners have been stealing silver from an adjoining mine also thought dry, and resolves to prove it.

         Guest Stars: Jack Cunningham...Parley Baer,...James Bronson...Judson Pratt,...Leon Flores...Vito Scotti,...Watkins...Ross Elliott,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Frank Furnas...Walter Coy,...Jock McPherson...Harvey Stephens,...Thornton...Michael Hinn,...Wheeler...William Flaherty,...Howell...Charles Horvath,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts as miner with club),...Bob Hoy...(uncredited; stunts as little miner),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunts as big miner & extra as townsman),...Brunette Townsgirl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Parley Baer makes his first of three appearances on the series.  He plays Jack Cunningham in this episode.  He would later appear as Armistead in five's "No Less a Man" and as Harry Crawford in seven's "The Emperor Norton".  James Bronson is played by Judson Pratt, who would later appear as Nelson in four's "Half a Rogue".  Ross Elliott makes his first of three appearances, in this episode as Watkins.  He later appears in seven's "The Trouble with Jamie" as Matthew and in fourteen's "The Witness" as Harvey Walters.  Character actor Vito Scotti makes his first of two appearances on the series, in this episode as Leon Flores.  He later appears in three's "The Lonely House" as Pooch.

         Character actor Walter Coy plays Frank Furnas in this episode.  He was previously in one's "The Paiute War" as Captain Kelly and later in five's "Twilight Town" as Masterson.  Jock McPherson is played by Harvey Stephens, later seen as Ann's father, in four's "Thunder Man".  The real name of the silver claim was the Gould & Curry Mine, but was changed to the Golden Curry Mine for this story.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Hoy plays the little miner who threatens to "bash Ben's brains out", alongside Bill Clark, as the miner on his right, with Michael and Dan sending them both through the hitchrail on the street. In the mine, Bob Miles plays a miner who picks up a wooden club, tries to take Joe's head off, and is knocked out cold by Joe, with Hoss tackling Howell (Charles Horvath) with a double punch to the ribs sending him unconscious to the ground.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Bronson Canyon, Southern California and stock footage at Janss Conejo Ranch and July 1959 stock footage at Spooner Meadow, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film Date: January 30 to February 6, 1961

 63.) The Secret
         May 6, 1961
         Written by:
 John Hawkins
         Directed by: Robert Altman

         Joe is the victim of an elaborate frame-up, accused of murdering a pregnant girl.  When Ben is asked if Joe is telling the truth, he replies, "If I were to start doubting my son at this point, everything I've lived and worked for would be lost".

         Guest Stars: Jerome Bell...Stephen Joyce,...Betty Mae...Patricia Michon,...Jake Parsons...Crahan Denton,...John Hardner...Russell Collins,...Hiram...Dayton Lummis,...Deputy Conley...Morgan Woodward,...Pete Parsons...Sherwood Price,...Bill Parsons...Bob Harris,...Doc Martin...Roy Engel,...Man...Bill Edwards,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Stephen Joyce).

         Trivia: Stephen Joyce plays Jerome Bell, the young lawyer who is engaged to Betty Mae, played by Patricia Michon.  She previously appeared in one's "The Fear Merchants" as Sally Ridley.  Sherwood Price makes his third appearance on the series, this time as Sally's brother Pete, who is out to kill Joe.  He later appears in five's "My Son, My Son" as Carl Miller and in eight's "A Time to Step Down" as Sand.  Morgan Woodward makes his second appearance, in this episode as Deputy Conley, filling in for Ray Teal.  His first appearance was in one's "Death at Dawn" as Sheriff Biggs.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles Jerome (Stephen Joyce), when he falls through the second story railing on the hotel.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch, Southern California.

         Film Date: January 30 to February 6, 1961

 64.) The Dream Riders
         May 20, 1961
         Written by:
 Jack McClain, James Van Wagoner
         Directed by: Robert Altman

         To finance his dream of constructing an airship capable of crossing the Atlantic, Ben's old friend plans to rob the Virginia City bank while diverting the citizens' attention with a hot air balloon.

         Guest Stars: Major John Cayley...Sidney Blackmer,...Bill Kingsley...Burt Douglas,...Sergeant Hines...Stuart Nisbet,...Diana Cayley...Diana Millay,...Hershell...Jonathan Hole,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Stuart Nisbet).

         Trivia: Sidney Blackmer makes his first of two appearances on the series.  He plays Major John Cayley in this episode.  He later appears in nine's "The Late Ben Cartwright" as the corrupt politician Samuel Endicott.  Support actor Burt Douglas makes his second and last appearance as Bill Kingsley.  He was previously in this season's "The Rescue" as Jack Tatum.  Sergeant Hines is played by support player Stuart Nisbet, who would be seen as other minor support players throughout the main run of the series.  Bob Miles doubles Sergeant Hines (actor Stuart Nisbet), when he is shot by Adam, and falls out of the balloon.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Janss Conejo Ranch, Southern California.

         Film Date: March 10-17, 1961

 65.) Elizabeth, My Love
         May 27, 1961
         Written by:
 Anthony Lawrence
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         At the bedside of a seriously ill Adam, Ben thinks back to his days as a first mate in the merchant marines and his marriage to Adam's mother, Elizabeth Stoddard.

         Guest Stars: Elizabeth Stoddard...Geraldine Brooks,...Captain Stoddard...Torin Thatcher,...Mandible...Barry Kroeger,...Halloran...Ted Knight,...Ethan...Bob Hopkins,...Doctor...Bill Quinn,...Mrs. Callahan...Molly Roden,...Blackner...Alex Sharp,...Elizabeth's Doctor...Selmer Jackson,...Bell...John Close,...Bartender...Max Slaten,...Van Meer...Jack Rice...(uncredited; bit part)...Henry Wills...(uncredited; stunt double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Geraldine Brooks makes the first of two appearances on the series, in this episode as Elizabeth Stoddard.  She later appears as Carol Attley in eight's "To Bloom for Thee".  Veteran actor Torin Thatcher makes his only appearance as Captain Stoddard.  Berry Kroeger plays the sinister Mandible, along with stuntman Alex Sharp as his bodyguard, Blackner.  Character actor Bill Quinn plays Adam's attending Doctor, and Selmer Jackson plays Elizabeth's attending Doctor in this episode.  The late Ted Knight makes his first of three appearances on the series.  He plays Halloran in this episode.  Knight later appears in seven's "Peace Officer" as Mayor Garrett and in thirteen's "A Place to Hide" as Sergeant Brown.

         Trivia: This episode uses the New England street at Paramount Studios for the exterior street scenes.  Rear-projected footage of the sea is used behind the clipper ship mock-up on Stage 17, when Ben and Captain Stoddard are first seen in the story.  Later, when Ben and Elizabeth are conversing on Stage 16, the New England sea is matted in behind them and optically printed with the Stage 16 cuts, for the final cut, a popular optical technique known as matte photography.  This episode also makes use of backdrops of the New England waterfront, seen in various scenes in the story.  Also, various stock clips of the clipper ship are edited in the final cut, from Paramount's film library, saving the production money, a common practice used in making motion pictures and filmed television.

         Photography Trivia: The flashbacks in this episode were done by Paramount's Farciot Edouart, a veteran cameraman and visual artist, whose work was very prominently seen in the following: "Whispering Smith", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Samson And Delilah", "Dark City", "Shane", "Pony Express", "The Naked Jungle", "The Ten Commandments", "Three Violent People", and "The Buccaneer", just a fraction of well over the 204 films he worked on in his long career.

         Writing Trivia: Anthony Lawrence first wrote season one's "Dark Star", and this season's, "The Last Viking".  Mr. Lawrence stated he really doesn't write Western scripts, but was rather into writing about relationships and non ethereal characters (hence Tirza and Dark Star!).  One day, while on the set with David Dortort, he said he wanted to do a story on each of Ben's wives, and Lawrence replied with, "Let me do it, I can kill off at least two of them!"  Lawrence thought he would get thrown off the set for saying this, and instead was given the task of becoming the writer, who scripted the stories with Ben and his wives.

         Film Date: March 2-9, 1961

 66.) Sam Hill
         June 3, 1961
         Written by:
 David Dortort
         Directed by: Robert Altman
         Original Story Titles: "The Maverick", "The Mustang"

         Blacksmith Sam Hill fights to keep the land on which his mother is buried, after his drunken father signs the deed over to Colonel Tyson and his private army.  Poetic episode written by John T. Kelley and directed by Robert Altman.

         Guest Stars: Sam Hill...Claude Akins,...John Henry Hill...Edgar Buchanan,...Colonel Tyson...Ford Rainey,...Billy Joe...Robert Ridgely,...Lonesome Lil...Caroline Richter,...Willis...Howard Wendell,...Percy...Mickey Simpson,...Hathaway...Richard Bartell,...Hotel Clerk...Nesdon Booth,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Bob Miles...(stunts; uncredited as Tyson soldier 1),...Bill Clark...(stunts; uncredited as Tyson soldier 2).

         Trivia: Claude Akins makes his third appearance on the series, this time as blacksmith Sam Hill.  He later appears in four's "The Deserter" as Colonel Edward J. Dunwoody.  Edgar Buchanan makes his second and final appearance, in this episode as John Henry Hill, father of Sam.  He previously appeared in this season's "The Trail Gang" as Hallelujah Hicks.  Character actor Ford Rainey makes his first appearance on the series, in this episode as the sinister Colonel Tyson.  He later appears as John Clarke in three's "Blessed Are They", in seven's "The Debt" as Sam Kane, in eight's "Black Friday" as the Judge Wyllit, in nine's "Check Rein" as Gabrielle Bingham, in ten's "The Deserter" as Arnholt, and as the Judge in thirteen's "Fallen Woman" and "A Home for Jamie".

         Robert Ridgely makes his first appearance on the series, in this episode as Billy Joe.  He later appears as other characters throughout the main run of the series into 1971.  Bob Miles and Bill Clark play Colonel Tyson's soldiers in this episode, performing their stunts at the end of the episode.  Final episode made and aired the second season.

         Sam Hill Trivia: This story was originally written by John T. Kelly as a pilot for a spin-off series starring Claude Akins using 'Bonanza' to jump start it.  However director Robert Altman had a conflict with Kelly and the writing credit went to David Dortort and the series never materialized.

         Horse Trivia: Sheik makes his second appearance on the series this time as the white horse rode by Colonel Tyson (actor Ford Rainey).  He was first seen in this season's "The Gift". He is later seen in "Song In The Dark", "Mirror Of A Man", and "A Knight To Remember".

         Stunt Horse Trivia: The smart and handsome Beauty makes the first of thirty-four appearances on the series.  In this show, he plays the horse Sam Hill summons to pick up the hammer and he gives it to him-- right from the horse's mouth!

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California.

         Film Date: February 7-15, 1961

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Production Cost Per Episode: $107,151

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film reel iconCrew Creditsfilm reel icon

Producer: David Dortort

Production Assistant: James W. Lane

Associate Producer: Thomas Thompson

Music by: David Rose

Directors of Photography:
Haskell Boggs, A.S.C, Walter Castle, A.S.C, William Synder, A.S.C.

Color Consultant: Edward P. Ancona, Jr.

Song "Bonanza" by: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

Art Direction: Hal Pereira, Earl Hedrick

Edited by: Everett Douglas, Ellsworth Hoagland, Marvin Coil

Unit Production Manager: Andrew J. Durkus

Casting Supervisor: William Maybery

Story Editor: Edward W. Walsh

Assistant Director: John E. Burch, John Voglin, Dale Hutchinson

Set Decoration: Sam Comer, Grace Gregory

Sound Recording by: John Wilkinson, Harry Lindgren

Makeup Supervisor: Wally Westmore

Hairstyle Supervisor: Nellie Manley, C.H.S.

Costumer: Dario Piazza

Processed By:
Consolidated Film Industries

An NBC Production

Filmed at Paramount Studios,
Hollywood, California

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