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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Adam, Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Four...1962-1963

The Golden Years
Moving Towards Family Relationships

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117.) Elegy For A Hangman
         January 20, 1963

         Written by: E.M. Parsons, Shirl Hendryx
         Directed by: Hollingsworth Morse

         A stranger, Bob Jolly, arrives in Virginia City to accuse a drunken Judge Harry Whitaker of sending his innocent father, Carl, to the gallows.  Adam defends the judge's honor because of his long friendship with the Cartwrights.  After Adam talks with Jolly, he begins to believe his story.  Upon further investigation, Adam discovers that Senator Cal Prince and Hobie Klinderman as well as the judge might have had a lot to gain from Carl Jolly's murder.  In an attempt to learn what really happened, Adam organizes an informal meeting in the saloon.

         Guest Stars: Bob Jolly...Keir Dullea,...Judge Harry Whitaker...Otto Kruger,...Hobie Klinderman...Kevin Hagen,...Senator Cal Prince...William Zuckert,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hired Gun...Ron Soble,...Dr. Kay...Roy Engel,...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Townsman...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra),...Brunette Townsgirl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Guest star Ron Soble, as the heavy previously appeared in season one's "Death On Sun Mountain" as Tukwa, the Paiute Indian.  Soble also appeared in the classic Star Trek episode, "Spectre Of The Gun" as Marshal Wyatt Earp.  Veteran movie actor Otto Kruger also in this fine episode.  Kevin Hagen makes his second appearance on Bonanza.

         Film date: October 18-25, 1962

118.) Half A Rogue
         January 27, 1963
         Written by:
 Arnold Belgard
         Directed by: Don McDougall

         In this entertaining episode, laced with humor, Hoss first meets mountain man Jim Leyton.  Bing Russell makes his first appearance as Deputy Clem Foster.

         Guest Stars: Jim Leyton...Slim Pickens,...Cal Stacy...John Milford,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Mr. Nelson...Judson Pratt,...Alex Sharp...(uncredited; stunt double for Slim Pickens),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: Guest star Slim Pickens makes his debut as mountain man, Jim Leyton, and would return, in the following season five's, "King Of The Mountain", season ten's, "Catch As Catch Can", as the Sheriff, and in season eleven's, "What Are Pardners For?", again, as a Sheriff.  Guest star John Milford makes his second appearance, previously seen in season one's, "Vendetta", later seen in season ten's, "A World Full Of Cannibals", and in season fourteen's, "Riot".

         Stunt Trivia: In the big fight between Hoss and Jim on Stage 16, Alex Sharp doubles Jim (Slim Pickens) and Bill Clark doubles Hoss (Dan Blocker), in the long shots and some medium shots of the fight. The actors only do their necessary close-ups they are capable of doing for the fight.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1962 stock footage of Hoss and Chubby at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California and June 1961 stock footage of Hoss at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: October 26 to November 2, 1962

119.) The Last Haircut
         February 3, 1963
         Written by:
 Charles Lang
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         A vain outlaw murders a man in front of witnesses, including Joe, but a clever lawyer is able to get him acquitted.  Though enraged, Joe has to convince the dead man's son it is wrong to take the law into their own hands.

         Guest Stars: Duke Miller...Perry Lopez,...Otie/Floyd Brennan...Rex Holman,...Calvin Brennan...Jered Barclay,...Sam Sneden...Chubby Johnson,...Frank Thompson...John Harmon,...Wilson Reed...John Archer,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Carlos Rodriguez...Alex Montoya,...Paco Rodriguez...Rafael Lopez,...Mr. Albright...Howard Wendell,...Judge...Willis Bouchey,...Waitress...Shelby Grant,...Waiter...Joe Higgins,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Perry Lopez, Jered Barclay, Rex Holman),...Brunette Townsgirl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Townsgirl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Perry Lopez makes his only appearance on the series as the mild-mannered and vain outlaw Duke Miller.  He's a veteran of motion pictures and filmed television.  Seen in the 1966 Star Trek episode "Shore Leave" as Lt. Estaban Rodriguez.  His partner Otie is played by veteran character actor Rex Holman.  He played Marshal Morgan Earp in the 1968 Star Trek episode "Spectre of the Gun".  Duke's other partner is Calvin Brennan, played by actor Jered Barclay, rounding out the trio of villains in this episode.

         Chubby Johnson makes another appearance, in this episode as Sam Sneden. He was previously in three's "The Ride" as Toby Barker.  John Harmon makes another appearance, this time playing Frank Thompson, the barber and friend of Sam.  Duke and Cal's defense attorney is played to perfection by John Archer, making his second appearance.  He was previously in three's "The Jackknife" as Matthew Grant.

         Character actor Alex Montoya plays Carlos Rodriguez and young actor Rafael Lopez plays his son Paco.  The prosecuting attorney, Mr. Albright, is played by Howard Wendell.  He was previously in two's "Bank Run" as one of Mr. Harrison's advisors.  The Judge is played by Willis Bouchey, with Shelby Grant playing the waitress who doesn't seem to like Duke very much, just as the waiter doesn't, played by Joe Higgins.

         Stunt Trivia: Michael does his complete fights in the barber shop on Stage 17, with no stunt doubling.  Bob Miles doubles Cal (Jered Barclay) in very fast bit parts in the fight and Michael throws him through the candy glass window.  Otie (Rex Holman) does the start of his fight and is doubled in bit parts by Bob Miles for the wild stuff in the fight with Mike.  Bob Miles also doubles Duke (Perry Lopez) in the whole fight with Mike.  The only shots Lopez films are his necessary close-ups with Michael on the set.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Newly filmed June 1962 stock footage at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California and June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: October 7-17, 1962

120.) Marie, My Love
         February 10, 1963
         Written by:
 Anthony Lawrence, Anne Howard Bailey
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         When Cochise falls on Joe, Ben cannot help but remember that is how Marie Cartwright was killed.  He thinks back to meeting her in New Orleans in a rather confusing story not quite in synch with details discussed in "The First Born".

         Guest Stars: Marie De Val-Marigny...Felicia Farr,...Marius Angeville...Eduard Franz,...Edward Darcy...George Dolenz,...Madam Marigny...Lili Valenty,...Andre...Richard Angarola,...Mr. Clemont...Jean De Val,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon & stunt double for George Dolenz),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Felicia Farr makes her only appearance on the series as Marie De Val-Marigny, who would later become Mrs. Cartwright on the Ponderosa, giving birth to Little Joe, and then dying in a horseback accident. Marius Angeville is played to perfection by the late and great Eduard Franz.  He was a veteran of motion pictures and filmed television. Marie's crafty and sinister cousin is Edward Darcy, and is the proprietor of his gambling parlor.  He is played to perfection by character actor George Dolenz and Lili Valenty makes another appearance in this episode as the evil and cunning Madam Marigny.

         Stunt Trivia: In the gambling parlor, Lorne Greene hits stuntman Bob Miles, who doubles actor George Dolenz in a bit part, getting slammed into the pillar and then falls on the floor.  Dolenz does his scenes before and after this stunt, all edited in for the final cut.  In the climax, Bob Miles doubles George Dolenz in the rapier duel in the long shots with Eduard Franz. Dolenz only does his filmed close-up shots in the fight. The segment continues with Ben and Darcy in a fist fight. Bob Miles doubles Dolenz in all of the long shots and Dolenz only does his close-ups and very well at that. Lorne Greene does a good deal of the fight, with Bill Clark doing a few bit parts in the climax of the story. In the episode's teaser, Bob Miles doubles Little Joe on Cochise's stunt double, when he rides in the front yard and takes the fall with the stunt horse.

         Photography Trivia: Farciot Edouart's visually stunning flashback process is seen again, in this episode.  His stunning visuals can be seen in such films as, "Whispering Smith", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Samson And Delilah", "Dark City", "Shane", "Pony Express", "The Naked Jungle", "The Ten Commandments", "Three Violent People", and "The Buccaneer", just some of over 204 films he worked on, mainly for Paramount Studios.

         Script Trivia: David Dortort originally had scripted Marie's death at the hands of a jealous lover, who pursues her to the Ponderosa from New Orleans and in the climax Ben kills the man.  Writer Anthony Lawrence with Dortort changed Marie's death to a horse riding accident in the front yard of the Ponderosa.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: November 14-21, 1962

121.) The Hayburner
         February 17, 1963
         Written by:
 Alex Sharp
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         For a change, it is Adam rather than Joe who becomes mixed up in one of Hoss' funny exploits.  Together they purchase a thoroughbred horse, and end up competing against their little brother in the big Virginia City race.  This is Pernell Robert's favorite comedy episode.

         Guest Stars: Enos Milford...William Demarest,...Cora Milford...Ellen Corby,...Sam Finney...Howard Wright,...Lafe...Percy Helton,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Horse Trader...Paul Bryar,..Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for William Demarest and as rider),...Henry Wills...(uncredited; horseback double for Pernell Roberts).

         Trivia: William Demarest makes the first of two appearances on the series.  He plays Enos Milford in this episode.  He later appears in six's "Old Sheba" as the circus owner, Mr. Tweedy.  Ellen Corby makes her second appearance, this time as Cora Milford.  Her first appearance was in one's "The Gunmen" as Lorna Doone Mayboy.  Percy Helton makes another appearance, this time as Lafe, the stableowner. He was previously in one's "Enter Mark Twain" as Blurry Jones, and later in five's "The Legacy" as Pete and in eight's "The Unseen Wound" as Bleeker.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles horseback doubles Joe in the corral scenes, and in bit parts in the race, with Michael only doing his close-ups.  Henry Wills doubles Adam in the race, with Pernell just doing his close-ups. Bill Clark doubles Enos in the corral, in the early part of the show.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his fourth appearance on the series.  In this episode he plays the black horse that Little Joe chooses to ride in Virginia City's horse race.

         Filmed on location at: Iverson Ranch in Southern California.

         Film date: November 26 to December 3, 1962

122.) The Actress
         February 24, 1963
         Written by:
 Norman Lessing
         Directed by: Christian Nyby

         Joe becomes romantically involved with a woman who considers herself a serious dramatic actress.  Unfortunately, she is the only one who does.

         Guest Stars: Julia Grant...Patricia Crowley,...Edwin Booth...John Rodney,...Forrester...Lester Matthews,...Tommy Grant...Joey Scott,...Larkin...Robert J. Stevenson,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Little Cowboy...Bob Hoy...Bob Miles...(uncredited; extra & stunts),...Brunette Saloon Girl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Saloon Girl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Bob Hoy goes credited as the little guy in the saloon, seated on the right side of the table, who walks up to Patricia Crowley, and Mike gets jealous, walks over and tells him to take a walk.  Bob Miles is sitting at the left of the table in a white shirt and after Mike hits Hoy down, Bob jumps him, and the three get into a big fight over "The Actress".

         Film date: November 5-13, 1962

123.) A Stranger Passed This Way
         March 3, 1963
         Written by:
 William Stuart
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Hoss develops amnesia after being bushwhacked and hit over the head by two outlaws and moves in with a Dutch couple.  The woman regards him as a substitute for her dead son, and unless he recovers his memory, the other Cartwrights fear he will leave them forever.

         Guest Stars: Christina Vandervort...Signe Hasso,...Klaas Vandervort...Robert Emhardt,...Dr. Hickman...Addison Richards,...Don Escobar...Robert Carricart,...Stableman...Dan White...(uncredited; bit part),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: Blonde-haired Signe Hasso plays Christina Vandervort, with Robert Emhardt playing her husband Klaas Vandervort in this episode.  He would later appear as Judge Clampton in ten's "The Last Vote" and as Paul Forbes in eleven's "A Lawman's Lot is Not a Happy One".  Support actor Addison Richards makes his second appearance on the series, in this episode as Dr. Hickman.  He returns as the same character in this season's "My Brother's Keeper".  He was previously in three's "The Horse Breaker" as Dr. Kay.  Robert Carricart plays Don Escobar in this episode and appears in this season's "The Deserter" as Myoka.

         Stunt Trivia: Bill Clark doubles as Hoss in act one, where one of the stuntmen hits him over the head with the rifle, knocking him out.

         Trivia: The Ponderosa house exterior on Stage 16 is redressed as the Vandervort home in this episode.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California and newly filmed June 1962 stock footage of Hoss riding Chubby at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Film date: December 12-19, 1962

124.) The Way Of Aaron
         March 10, 1963
         Written by:
 Raphael D. Blau
         Directed by: Murray Golden

         Adam takes a shine to Rebecca Kaufman, the daughter of a Jewish peddler, and bandits are convinced the Kaufman wagon is worth robbing.

         Guest Stars: Aaron Kaufman...Ludwig Donath,...Rebecca Kaufman...Aneta Corsaut,...Stiles...Harry Dean Stanton,...Hank...Jason Wingreen,...Mrs Cardiff...Sarah Selby.

         Trivia: Ludwig Donath makes his only appearance as Jewish peddler Aaron Kaufman, along with the lovely Aneta Corsaut as his daughter Rebecca.  Harry Dean Stanton plays the tall and skinny outlaw named Stiles.  He was previously in two's "The Dark Gate" as Billy Todd.  The little one is Hank, played by none other than Jason Wingreen.  He later appears as Luke in five's "Enter Thomas Bowers" and as the prosecuting attorney in fourteen's "The Hidden Enemy".  Wingreen was also an accomplished voice-over actor, even heard as the voice of Boba Fett in "The Empire Strikes Back"- 1980.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his fifth appearance, this time as Adam's favorite horse he calls Jupiter, whom he shows to Rebecca Kaufman in the barn.

         Filmed on location at: Iverson Ranch in Southern California.

         Film date: December 4-11, 1962

125.) A Woman Lost
         March 17, 1963
         Written by:
 Frank Chase
         Directed by: Don McDougall

         Ben's attempt to rehabilitate an alcoholic singer he knew in better days are complicated by her involvment with a former prize fighter.

         Guest Stars: Rita "Dolly" Marlowe...Ruta Lee,...Mase Sindell...Don Megowan,...Dink Martin...Harry Hickox,...Tiny Mac...Roger Torrey,...Merchant...Bill Edwards,...Fisherman...Don Kennedy,...Sam...Dick Miller,...Referee...John Indrisano,...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Sailor...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra),...Stage Driver...Clint Sharp...(uncredited; extra),...Brunette Saloon Girl & Stage Passenger...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Saloon Girl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Ruta Lee makes her only appearance on the series as Rita "Dolly" Marlowe, in a poignant performance.  Don Megowan does an excellent job as Mase Sindell, displaying strength and sensitivity in his role.  He was previously in one's "The Magnificent Adah" as John C. Reagan.

         The underground B-tank and soundstage at Paramount was filmed for the exterior shot of the saloon that opens up this story in San Francisco. Support actor Bill Edwards makes another appearance, in this story, as the merchant sitting to the left of Ben at the table in the bar, and the fisherman at the bar who starts pawing Rita, only for Ben to distract him with a drink, is played by Don Kennedy.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: September 1962 stock footage of the stagecoach driving along the dirt road at Lake Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, California.

         Film date: Early January 1963

126.) Any Friend Of Walter's
         March 24, 1963
         Written by:
 Lois Hire
         Directed by: John Florea

         Classic comedy in which Hoss first meets prospector Obie and his lazy but allegedly brilliant mongrel dog, Walter.

         Guest Stars: Obie...Arthur Hunnicutt,...Macy...Steve Brodie,...Willard...James Luisi,...Teague...Vic Werber,...Bessie Sue Hightower...Katie Barrett,...Sheriff...Robert Foulk,...Bob Miles...(stunts; uncredited for Steve Brodie),...Bill Clark...(stunts and horseback double; uncredited for Dan Blocker),...Troy Melton...(stunts; uncredited for Arthur Hunnicutt).

         Trivia: Guest star Steve Brodie as Macy, later seen in season nine's, "Trouble Town", as Deputy Horn.  Arthur Hunnicutt as Obie, returns in season five's, "Walter And The Outlaws", and as Salty, the storyteller, in season eleven's, "Dead Wrong".  Steve Brodie, James Luisi, and Vic Werber also return in season five's sequel, "Walter And The Outlaws".

         Stunt Trivia: In the hilarious cabin fight in act four, Bob Miles doubles for actor Steve Brodie and Troy Melton doubles for actor Arthur Hunnicutt in the long shots of the fight and seen in a few medium close-ups.

         Opening Act Location Trivia: In the first establishing shot in act one, reused stock footage from 1961 of Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe riding their horses through the wooded clearing with the Mount Rose Peaks in the background at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filmed on location at: Bronson Canyon in Southern California.

         Film date: Late December 1962

127.) Mirror Of A Man
         March 31, 1963
         Written by:
 A. I. Bezzerides
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

        The peaceful world of a Ponderosa hand is disturbed by the arrival of his no-good father and twin brother, who is a wanted man.

         Guest Stars: Jud Lally~Homer Barnes/ Rube Barnes...Ron Hayes,...Luke Barnes...Ford Rainey,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Amelia...Nancy Rennick,...Ralph Austin...Tris Coffin,...Sol...Joseph Breen,...Janey...Kathleen O' Malley,...Tobey...Eugene Martin,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double & stunt double for Michael Landon, stand-in for Ron Hayes),...Bill Hickman...(uncredited; stunt double for Ron Hayes),...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; lighting stand-in for Ron Hayes).

         Trivia: Guest star Ron Hayes, who first appeared in "Desert Justice", "The Rescue", and later on Bonanza, "The Bridegroom", "Night Of Reckoning", and in "Emily".  Guest star Nancy Rennick also played Seth's wife, in "The Quality Of Mercy".  Ford Rainey, who appeared in "Sam Hill", "Blessed Are They", "The Debt", "Black Friday", "Check Rein", "The Deserter", "Fallen Woman", and "A Home For Jamie".

         Horse Trivia: The beautiful Sheik makes his fifth appearance on the series this time as the prize Arabian stallion Joe and Rube bring back from Carson City.  Rube, who is impersonating his brother Jud, intends to steal the horse.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his sixth appearance on the series, this time as the black horse Rube steals in act one of the episode.

         Filmed on location at: Bronson Canyon in Southern California.

         Film date: January 8-15, 1963

128.) My Brother's Keeper
         April 7, 1963
         Written by:
 Seeleg Lester
         Directed by: Murray Golden

        Adam's disgust with the hardships of Western existance is aroused after he accidentally shoots Joe, while tracking down a wolf.  Joe is bitten by the sick wolf and Hoss must get the medicine.  A group of miners complicate matters, and time is running out for Joe.  An Irish man and his daughter, Shelia, assist Adam and Shelia encourages Adam to leave the West behind him.

         Guest Stars: Shelia Reardon...Carolyn Kearney,...Emmett Reardon...Brendan Dillon,...Dowd...Ken Lynch,...Dr. Hickman...Addison Richards,...Vince...Jason Johnson,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double & stunt double for Michael Landon, extra & stunts as miner),...Henry Wills...(uncredited; horseback double for Pernell Roberts).

         Trivia: Guest star Ken Lynch, in one of his many Bonanza appearances, this time as the head miner who demands $3000 dollars in lieu for the medicine he has taken from Hoss, that can save Joe's life.  Bob Miles, also seen as one of the miners, who eventually Adam shoots off the Ponderosa rooftop in act four.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles Joe and Henry Wills as Adam in some of the horseback shots that open this episode at Iverson Ranch.  When Adam accidentally shoots Joe and the wolf attacks him, Bob Miles doubles Joe in the long shots of the attack, where Mike does his close-ups with the trained animal on Stage 16.  Bob also plays one of the miners who Adam shoots of the Ponderosa rooftop at the conclusion of this episode.  Bob Miles is riding stunt Paint horse #3 in the shots of him doubling Joe at Iverson Ranch, where Mike is on his riding Paint horse in his shots.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch, Southern California and July 1959 stock footage of Tahoe Meadows at Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: January 16-23, 1963

129.) Five Into The Wind
         April 21, 1963
         Written by:
 Meyer Dolinsky
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         After their stagecoach crashes, a group of rag-tag passengers and Joe must get out of the desert alive.  One of the passengers may or may not be a murderer and Joe is accused.

         Guest Stars: Lory Hayden...Kathleen Crowley,...Roberto de Sorto...Mario Alcalde,...Mr. Henshaw...Dabbs Greer,...Howard Benson...Kelly Thordsen,...Nora Whiteley...Betsy-Jones Moreland,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Mario Alcalde).

         Trivia: Guest star Kathleen Crowley makes her second appearance as Ms. Hayden, Little Joe's romance,while being stranded in the desert, with the other passengers.  Crowley would go on to later be seen in season nine's, "Stage Door Johnnies", as Madamoiselle Denise.  Guest star Kelly Thordsen, in his second Bonanza appearance as Benson, would later be seen in four's, "A Hot Day For A Hanging", fives, "Enter Thomas Bowers", six's, "The Search", seven's, "The Dilemma", and in nine's, "The Gold Detector".  He was also a semi-regular on "Little House On The Prairie" and was a police officer before becoming an actor.  In this episode, we see Kelly, as Howard Benson, the opinionated fur trader who winds up with a knife in his back, and Little Joe takes the wrap, a clue leading to one of the passenger's real guilt, that remains a mystery until the episodes' final act.  Betsy-Jones Moreland as Nora, a fine actress, today, runs a search-and-rescue dog operation and kennels in the United States.

         Trivia: In the long and exhausting fight scene, with Little Joe and Roberto, stuntman Bob Miles is doubling for actor Mario Alcalde, in the long shots.

         Stock Footage Trivia: In the first act of this episode, stock footage from Paramount's film library is used for the stagecoach shots.  First, of Utah, as the coach rides across the endless desert, and then another stock shot at Iverson Ranch, and finally stock footage of the Corriganville Movie Ranch, the last two of these cut in between the interior stagecoach mock-up shots with the actors inside conversing.  Desert footage is rear-projected behind the coach on Stage 16 and most of the footage is from Lovejoy Buttes including where Joe jumps atop the driver's seat.

         Another stock shot is used for when the stagecoach overturns and crashes at Vasquez Rocks, the stuntman driving it jumps off, along with a dummy taken from Paramount's film library.  The familiar stock shot of the sun rising over the desert mountains at Lake Los Angeles is seen in the episode, reused for many establishing shots on the series, originally filmed in 1962 at Lake Los Angeles while filming "Gallagher's Sons" for a week.

         Filmed on location at: Bronson Canyon in Southern California.

         Film date: January 24-31, 1963

130.) The Saga Of Whizzer McGee
         April 28, 1963
         Written by:
 Robert Lyon Welch
         Directed by: Don McDougall

         Hoss becomes concerned for the welfare of an insecure, belligerent fellow who is as small as Hoss is large.  Interesting blend of comedy and pathos that ends unpredictably.

         Guest Stars: Whizzer McGee...George Brenlin,...Melissa...Jeanne Bal,...Otis Clink...Med Flory,...Big Red...Hal Baylor,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Sam...Bern Hoffman,...Mr. Mashburn...Burt Mustin,...Mike...Michael Ragan,...Bill...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Whizzer McGee is portrayed by pint-sized actor George Brenlin, who appeared in over a dozen motion pictures from 1956 to 1980 and in over 30 television series from 1948 to 1978. He was born on October 10, 1930 and passed away on August 21, 1986.  Melissa is portrayed by the lovely Jeanne Bal, a fine actress who graced television and motion pictures in the 50's, 60's and 70's, a native of Santa Monica, California, born on May 3, 1928.  She appeared in television from 1953 through 1970 and then retired in her early 40's. Jeanne died of breast cancer on April 30, 1996 in Sherman Oaks, California. She was 67.

         Med Flory makes his second of three appearances, in this episode as Melissa's boyfriend, Otis Clink.  He was the leader and alto saxophone player in the 9-member band "Super Sax" from its inception in 1971 through the mid-1990's and today he is retired.  He also played the clarinet on the Ray Anthony TV Show.  Med is a native of Logansport, Indiana, born as Meredith Irwin Flory, on August 27, 1926.  He use to play the sax at a club called Jax in Glendale.Two of his long time friends are Jesse Wayne and Burr Middleton. Med died on March 12, 2014 in his North Hollywood home. He was 87.

         Character actor Mike Ragan, whose real name was Holly Bane, makes another appearance on the series as Otis' accomplice along with stuntman Bill Clark and veteran screen star Burt Mustin plays the storekeeper, Mr. Mashburn.  Inside the saloon, Hal Baylor as the employee and bouncer who clashes with Whizzer, making his third of ten appearances on the series as different characters and Bern Hoffman makes his first of many appearances as Sam the bartender.

         Special Material Songs by: Jack Lloyd and David Rose.

         Film date: February 1-8, 1963

131.) Thunder Man
         May 5, 1963
         Written by:
 Lewis Reed
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Joe's girlfriend, Ann Wilson and her father, Fred, are on their way to Joe's birthday party when Fred has a sudden stroke.  Ann is trying to get him to a doctor when explosives expert William Poole rides by.  He tells her that her father is dead and then he kills her.  Poole is a homicidal maniac who calls himself "The Thunder Man".  Fred is found alive and unconscious near Ann's dead body, and is brought back to the Ponderosa.

         Joe is devastated and vows to find Ann's killer.  Though, he can't speak, Fred manages to write down "New Orleans Woman", and manages to communicate to Joe that the killer was singing that song.  The Cartwrights' neighbor, Mrs. Gibson, had hired Poole to clear her land with nitroglycerin.  She has the sheet music to New Orleans Woman, and realizes Poole is the killer.  He kills her before she has a chance to tell anyone.  This time he doesn't leave any evidence and ultimately is confronted by Joe.

         Guest Stars: William Poole...Simon Oakland,...Mrs. Gibson...Evelyn Scott,...Uncle Fred Williams...Harvey Stephens,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Ann Williams...Toby Michaels,...Doctor...Bill Quinn,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),... Brunette Party Guest...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Party Guest...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Guest star Simon Oakland as Poole, the explosives expert, also was seen in season nine's,"Justice Deferred" as Frank Scott/Mel Barnes, and in season ten's, "The Clarion" as the scheming Judge Seth Tabor.  He is best remembered in the 1976-78 series, "Baa Baa Black Sheep", later renamed the "Black Sheep Squadron", starring Robert Conrad.  Oakland played General Thomas Moore, opposite Dana Elcar, as Colonel Lard.

         Trivia: The Ponderosa is redressed once more, this time as the Widow Gibson's home.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Newly filmed 1962 stock footage of Ben riding Buck through the pond and asking a rancher for help at Golden Oak Ranch, followed by June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: February 11-18, 1963

132.) Rich Man, Poor Man
         May 12, 1963
         Written by:
 Richard P. McDonagh, Barbara and Milton Merlin
         Story by: Arnold Belgard, Robert Fresco
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Claude Miller, the laughingstock of Virginia City, gets even with everyone who made fun of him when he strikes it rich.

         Guest Stars: Claude Miller...John Fiedler,...Daisy...Florence Sundstrom,...Clancy...J. Pat O' Malley,...Slauson...Jay Lanin,...Tarbosh...Ken Mayer,...Mr. Wilson...Ken Drake,...Assey Clerk...Phil Chambers,...Thompson...Clegg Hoyt,...Harvey...Bill Hickman,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Michael Landon),...Alex Sharp...(uncredited; stunt double for Jay Lanin),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra as townsman),...Clint Sharp...(uncredited; stunt double for John Fiedler & extra as townsman),...Brunette Townsgirl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Townsgirl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: John Fiedler appeared in the classic Star Trek episode, "Wolf In The Fold" as Chief City Administator, Mr. Hengist, who is in reality, the entity, Jack The Ripper!  Irish character actor J. Pat O' Malley makes his second of three appearances on the series, and is last seen in twelve's "The Reluctant American".

         Stunt Trivia: In the fight in Claude's office, Joe versus Slauson, Bob Miles doubles Joe in the long shots and Alex Sharp doubles Jay Lanin as well.  The actors only do their necessary close-ups for the fight.

         Filmed on location at: Bronson Canyon in Southern California.

         Film date: February 19-27, 1963

133.) The Boss
         May 19, 1963
         Written by:
 Leo Gordon, Paul Leslie Piel
         Directed by: Arthur Nodel

         Ben regrets that he helped Tom Slayden start a freight hauling business when Slayden sets out to ruin all the competition, and Joe is shot in the process.

         Guest Stars: Tom Slayden...Carroll O' Connor,...Karen Slayden...Judee Morton,...Sheriff...Denver Pyle,...Oliver...Phil Ober,...Gus Hanna...Chris Alcaide,...Durra...William Tannen,...Tom...Dan White,...Dr. Martin...Roy Engel,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; buckboard double for Michael Landon, extra & stunts as gunman),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra as gunman & townsman),...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Brunette Townsgirl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Townsgirl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Guest star Denver Pyle appears as the Sheriff, his popularity as a basically good actor, in place of Ray Teal this time around.  Guest star Chris Alcaide as the heavy, who shoots Joe, also appears in season eight's, "The Deed and the Dilemma" and as Captain Bolton, in season one's, "Escape To Ponderosa".

         Trivia: Bob Miles doubling as Little Joe, when shot off the wagon, by Tom Slayden's henchmen in act one.

         Filmed on location at: Iverson Ranch in Southern California.

         Film date: February 28 to March 7, 1963

134.) Little Man-Ten Feet Tall
         May 26, 1963
         Written by:
 Eric Norden, Frank Arno
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         An Italian immigrant, Nick Biancci, has dreams of his son becoming a guitar virtuoso, but after witnessing his father's refusal to stand up and fight, would rather be a cowboy like Hoss.  A touching and powerful performance by Ross Martin ("The Wild, Wild West").

         Guest Stars: Nick Biancci...Ross Martin,...Mario Biancci...Michael Davis,...Sheriff...Denver Pyle,...Todd...Lane Bradford,...Al...James Anderson,...Sam...Bern Hoffman,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for James Anderson),...Robert Herron...(uncredited; stunt double for Ross Martin).

         Trivia: Guest star Denver Pyle returns again as the Sheriff, instead of Ray Teal, and serial star Lane Bradford, as one of Nick's opponents, seen throughout the story up until the big fight, in act four.  Bern Hoffman makes his second appearance as Sam the bartender.

         Trivia: Bob Miles doing the doubling for actor James Anderson (Al), in the long shots and close-ups, of the fight on the front porch, then Todd (Lane Bradford) takes on Nick (Ross Martin), until Hoss puts a stop to it.

         Trivia: Last episode made and aired the fourth season.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his seventh appearance, this time as the black horse in the corral, who Mario tries to lasso and gets knocked out from trying to be like his hero, Hoss.  The white markings on his rear legs have been painted over to match the rest of his black presence.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Newly filmed June 1962 stock footage of Ben and Adam riding through Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Film date: March 8-15, 1963

Production Cost Per Episode: $119,800

film reel iconCrew Creditsfilm reel icon

Executive Producer: David Dortort

Associate Producer: James W. Lane

Production Executive: Robert Stillman

Music by: David Rose and Walter Scharf

Director of Photography: Haskell Boggs, A.S.C., William F. Whitley, A.S.C., Walter H. Castle, A.S.C.

Story Consultants: Frank Cleaver, Richard P. McDonagh

Production Supervisor: Kent McCray

Color Consultant: Edward P. Ancona, Jr.

Song "Bonanza" by: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

Art Direction: Hal Pereira, Earl Hedrick

Edited by: Ellsworth Hoagland, A.C.E., Everett Douglas, A.C.E., Marvin Coil, A.C.E., Otho Lovering, A.C.E.

Casting Supervisor: William Maybery

Assistant Director: J. Walter Daniels

Set Decoration: Sam Comer, Grace Gregory

Sound Recording: Lyle Figland, Joel Moss

Makeup Supervisor: Wally Westmore

Hairstyle Supervision by: Nellie Manley

Costumer: Dario Piazza

Processed By:
Consolidated Film Industries

An NBC Production

Filmed at Paramount Studios,
Hollywood, California

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