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Episode Guide
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Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Seven...1965-1966

Bonanza: The Lost Episodes:
Thirty-three Episodes Included

The Golden Years Continue
With Ben, Hoss, and Joe

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221.) Destiny's Child
         January 30, 1966

         Written by: Robert V. Barron
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald

         After his only friend is killed, the Cartwrights take in a slow-witted man, who Roy Coffee informs them, is wanted for murder by Arizona authorities.

         Guest Stars: Sonny...Richard Peabody,...Jess Pherson...Walter Burke,...Jamie...Tim Stafford,...Darrell...Steve Raines,...Badgett...Lindsay Workman,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Hunter...Chris Anderson,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited as posseman),...Clint Sharp...(extra; uncredited as posseman),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker).

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Sherwood, Southern California.

         Filming date: October 14-21, 1965

222.) Peace Officer
         February 6,1966

         Written by: Donn Mullally
         Directed by: William Witney

         While Sheriff Coffee is in Saint Louis, the Morrisey bunch decides to work off excess energy by wrecking the saloon in a violent spree.  When Deputy Bill Harris tries to arrest them, they hit him on the head with a whiskey bottle, accidentally killing him.  All of them get away except Cliff, who is put in jail.  He refuses to say the names or locations of his friends.  Mayor Garrett holds an emergency meeting of the Virginia City town council.

         They hire legendary lawman Wes Dunn, as the temporary sheriff.  He is a humorless man who is determined to restore order in town.  He beats Cliff almost to death to find out where his friends are, but Cliff will not say anything.  Meanwhile, Hoss finds Chuck, a wounded gang member.  When he tries to take Chuck's gun away, he shoots Hoss.  Joe goes with Dunn to find the other men.  He thinks Dunn is a hero until he sees him murder one of the suspects in cold blood.

         Guest Stars: Wes Dunn...Eric Fleming,...Dave Morrisey...Ron Foster,...Cliff...Ray Stricklyn,...Chuck...Dee Pollock,...Mayor Garrett...Ted Knight,...Deputy Bill Harris...Clyde Howdy,...Doctor Brown...Grandon Rhodes,...Jonesy...I. Stanford Jolley,...Deputy Hacker...Mrs. Roberts...Lorna Thayer,...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota,...Bob Miles...(stunts; uncredited for Michael Landon and stunts as cowboy thrown out of saloon by gang),...Jesse Wayne...(uncredited; stunts & extra as Paul Curtis),...Troy Melton...(uncredited; stunt double for Eric Fleming),...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene),...Whitey Hughes...(uncredited; little cowboy in white shirt).

         Trivia: Guest star Eric Fleming makes his first appearance as Wes Dunn, and would portray Heber Clauson, in eight's, "The Pursued".  Dee Pollock returns in this episode, previously seen in five's, "My Son, My Son".  Ron Foster makes his debut, as the local boy who kills the Deputy with a whiskey bottle, later seen in eight's, "Something Hurt, Something Wild", nine's, "Sense Of Duty" and twelve's, "Terror At 2:00".  He was first seen in six's, "Invention Of A Gunfighter", as Al Mooney.  Ted Knight plays Mayor Garrett, his second appearance on the series.  He was previously seen in season two's "Elizabeth, My Love" and makes his last appearance in season thirteen's "A Place To Hide".

         The little known facts about how Eric Fleming died; he was in Peru, in South America (after Bonanza in 1966), and was making an anthology series for ABC, in the outdoors.  While the ABC crew was shooting him in a Peruvian river, Fleming, in his dug-out canoe, went beyond the rapids and then dove out.  He was found three days later, dead.

         Trivia: After the Morrisey gang kill Deputy Harris and flee down the main street, Hoss and Joe are loading supplies onto the buckboard.  Joe sees Cliff riding towards him, jumps atop the loaded buckboard and actually it's Bob Miles who pulls Cliff off his horse, then a close-up to Michael, getting up off the ground, and he and Hoss pulling their guns on him.

         Jesse Wayne Trivia: Jesse played one of the Morrisey gang members, the smallest one in the group, wearing a blue and white plaid shirt and orange hat.  Later in the story he is killed while trying to surrender in the cabin by lawman Wes Dunn (played by Eric Fleming).

         He remarks: " 'Vet Republic serial and Gene Autry~Roy Rogers feature director William Witney helmed the show.  Funny, he wanted to see some blood on my chest, but the make-up men were fresh out, so he told 'em to get some ketchup from the caterer.  I don't like bees or wasps, but as I lay there one hovered over me.  It was all I could do to keep motionless.  We filmed the scene smack dab in the middle of what is now Westlake Village, the expensive community near Thousand Oaks.  Eric asked me if he could kick my hand as he left the scene, to show his contempt.  Of course, I agreed, but unless you're looking at my hand and his foot, the slight kick is unnoticed.  Anyway, it was just a bit of business an actor likes to include in his characterization.' "

         Jesse spoke of Eric glowingly, "He was a nice guy", and was shocked when he learned of Eric's tragic death in Peru, South America, after making "The Pursued" the following eighth season in 1966.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California and June 1964 stock footage of Joe and Hoss tending the cattle on horseback at Onyx, California in act two of this episode.

         Filming date: November 1-8, 1965

223.) The Code
         February 13, 1966

         Written by: Sidney Ellis
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Joe is goaded into facing gunman Dan Taggert, unaware there is more to be prearranged than he realizes.

         Guest Stars: Dan Taggert...George Montgomery,...Sally...Jan Shepard,...Fitts...Robert Ellenstein,...Pete...Zalman King,...Win...George Wescourt,...Felger...Charles Wagenheim,....Tucker...Bruno Ve Sota,...Martha....Martha Manor.

         Trivia: Legendary actor George Montgomery in his only Bonanza appearance as Dan Taggert.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1962 stock footage of Joe driving the buckboard through the sagebrush flats at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: November 9-16, 1965

224.) Three Brides For Hoss
         February 20, 1966

         Written by: Jo Pagano
         Directed by: Ralph E. Black

         Not one, but three mail-order brides show up unexpectedly at the Ponderosa, all of them believing they are to marry Hoss.

         Guest Stars: Jester...Stuart Erwin,...Annie Slocum...Majel Barrett,...Jed...Wynn Pearce,...Libby Spencerfield...Mitzi Hoag,...Yvette...Danielle Aubry,...Ned...Claude Hall,...Jenny...Sharyl Locke,...Matt...Orville Sherman,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Majel Barrett returns, this time as one of Hoss' "brides", along with Mitzi Hoag, later seen in fourteen's, "Stallion".  Barrett is best remembered as Nurse Chapel from Star Trek and was in three's, "Gift Of Water".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1964 stock footage of Ben riding Buck alongside the Kern River at Kernville, California.

         Filming date: November 17-24, 1965

225.) The Emperor Norton
         February 27, 1966

         Written by: Robert Sabaroff, Gert P. Young
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Joshua Norton, an eccentric and formerly wealthy San Francisco merchant who considers himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, comes to the Ponderosa.  Authorities want to have him committed, and Ben contacts Mark Twain to testify to Norton's sanity.

         Guest Stars: Emperor Joshua Norton...Sam Jaffe,...Harry Crawford...Parley Baer,...Sam Clemens...William Challee,...George Harris...Tom Palmer,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Chris Milner...John Napier,...Judge...Charles Irving,...Woman...Audry Larkin.

         Trivia: Mark Twain (Sam Clemens) is played by actor William Challee in his second appearance in the series.  Guest star Sam Jaffe as the Emperor Norton, in his only Bonanza appearance.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California.

         Filming date: November 29 to December 6, 1965

226.) Her Brother's Keeper
         March 6, 1966

         Written by: Mort Thaw, Lee Pickett
         Directed by: R. G. Springsteen

         Ben and Claire Armory fall in love, but their future is jeopardized by her disabled brother.  To explain the eye patch Lorne Greene wears for a real-life mishap, the script says Ben was injured in a hunting accident.

         Guest Stars: Claire Armory...Nancy Gates,...Carl Armory...Wesley Lau,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Charlie...Ralph Montgomery,...Clerk...Norman Leavitt.

         Trivia: Guest star Wesley Lau returns, this time as Carl and was last seen in season one's, "Desert Justice" as Dave Walker.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch in Southern California and June 1961 stock footage of Spooner Lake in act one and in act two, June 1961 stock footage of Mount Rose from the Mount Rose Summit and the Northeast shore near Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: December 7-14, 1965

227.) The Trouble With Jamie
         March 20, 1966

         Written by: Helen B. Hicks
         Directed by: R. G. Springsteen

         The Cartwrights attempt to straighten out the snobbish young son of Ben's cousin.

         Guest Stars: Jamie...Michael Burns,...Matthew...Ross Elliott,...Elizabeth...Tracy Olsen,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung.

         Trivia: Guest star Michael Burns, in his first of two appearances, this time as the brat, Jamie.  Michael is later seen in eight's, "Napoleon's Children".

         Filming date: January 3-10, 1966

228.) Shining In Spain
         March 27, 1966

         Written by: Elliott Gilbert
         Directed by: Maury Geraghty

         Young, adoring Wendy Daniels has come to Virginia City to meet up with her father, Taylor Daniels, who has been traveling on business for the last five years.  Joe is attracted to Wendy, but he faces stiff competition for her affections.  She idolizes her father and cannot stop talking about his great business visions, although she has not seen him in five years.

         The Cartwrights realize there is something wrong when Wendy's supposedly rich father leaves her stranded in Virginia City with no money.  When she is evicted from the hotel after running up a debt of $50, Joe takes her to the Ponderosa, only to have her dreams of her father shattered when he shows up flat broke.  Very charming and touching performances by Michael Landon and Judi Rolin.

         Guest Stars: Wendy Daniels...Judi Rolin,...Jim Huber...Woodrow Parfrey,...Taylor Daniels...Gene Lyons,...Drummer...Hal Baylor,...Hotel Clerk...Robert B. Williams,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Clint...Clint Sharp...( extra; uncredited as stage driver),...Bob Miles...( uncredited; stunt double for Michael Landon ),...Martha...(Martha Manor...(extra; uncredited as waitress).

         Trivia: Guest star Gene Lyons, as Wendy's father, a father figure in TV, also in the classic Star Trek episode, "A Taste Of Armageddon", as Ambassador Fox.  Hal Baylor as the drummer trying to pick up on Wendy in the hotel, in another appearance, and character actor Woodrow Parfrey as Jim, the banker, also seen in season eight's, "Napoleon's Children" as Napoleon/Ted's drunken Uncle, season ten's, "My Friend, My Enemy", and in season thirteen's, "Shanklin".

         Stunt Trivia: In this episode's teaser, the stagecoach arrives in town, but the driver is unable to stop the horses.  Bob Miles doubles Little Joe, who runs over and jumps on the lead horse in a filmed bit part. Michael only does his scenes before and after this wild horseback stunt on the street.

         Trivia: In the final act, where Wendy is leaving with her father, Joe gazes onwards into her eyes, as she does into his, one of the most heartwrenching and emotional scenes ever, by Michael Landon, it's very real.  Nothing can break his stare or attention and the silence in the scene and classical musical score, make an unforgettable ending.

         Location Scenes Filmed at:  Albertson Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: January 11-18, 1966

229.) The Genius
         April 3, 1966

         Written by: Donn Mullally
         Directed by: R. G. Springsteen

         Hoss chooses a difficult path when he decides to rehabilitate a famous poet, Will Smith, who is really William Warlock Evans, who spends too much time drinking and eventually his wife arrives at the Ponderosa.

         Guest Stars: Will Smith~William Warcock Evans...Lonny Chapman,...Lydia Evans...Jorja Curtwright,...Jesus...Salvador Baguez,...Draves...Troy Melton,...Joel...Raymond Mays,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota,...Bob Miles...( uncredited; stunt double for Lonny Chapman ),...Bill Clark...( uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker ),...Gil Perkins...( uncredited; stunts in saloon ),...Bill Hickman...( uncredited; stunts in saloon ),...Dean Smith...( uncredited; stunts in saloon ).

         Trivia: Guest star Lonny Chapman in his first appearance, later seen in season twelve's, "The Weary Willies".  Troy Melton makes another appearance, this time as a Ponderosa hand.

         Stunt Trivia: Will is doubled by Bob Miles and Hoss by Bill Clark in the long shots of the fist fight at Janss Conejo Ranch.  Lonny Chapman and Dan Blocker only do their filmed close-ups for the fight on location.

         Music Trivia: The guitar player's music that is heard in the cantina was tracked directly from the music tapes originally scored for the episode "Ponderosa Matador".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California.

         Filming date: January 19-26, 1966

230.) The Unwritten Commandment
         April 10, 1966

         Written by: Jo Pagano, William Blinn, Dan Ullman
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald

         Everyone feels Andy Walker is an outstanding singer but his father, who feels the boy should concentrate on ranch work instead.  Joe mentions receiving a letter from Adam, currently in Paris.  First of two appearances by Wayne Newton as Andy.

         Guest cast: Andy Walker...Wayne Newton,...Miss Lily...Ann Jefferys,...Willard Walker...Malcolm Atterbury,...Mike...Jerry Newton,...Reverend Porter...Robert Cleaves...Bill Clark...(stunts; uncredited as cowboy in saloon fight),...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo..(extra; uncredited as bartender),...Saloon Girl...Martha Manor...(extra; uncredited).

         Trivia: While working on this episode, Wayne Newton met Elvis, who was also on the Paramount lot, working on a movie.  The two became close friends until Elvis passed away in 1977.

         Trivia: Malcolm Atterbury makes his second and final appearance in this episode as Willard Walker.  He was previously seen in one's "The Sisters", as Dixie.

         Wayne Newton Trivia: Wayne Newton sings "Scarlet Ribbons", "Old Joe Clark" and also "Danny Boy" and "The Old Rugged Cross". This episode took place in 1866 and "Danny Boy" and "The Old Rugged Cross" weren't written until 1913, and "Scarlet Ribbons" years later in 1949.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: December 15-25, 1965

231.) Big Shadow On The Land
         April 17, 1966

         Written by: William F. Leicester, Richard H. Bartlett
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Italian immigrants are determined to establish their own vineyard on Ponderosa property.  First of three appearances by Georgio Rossi and family.  This episode was considered for a spinoff series, but the network thought it was too ethnic in tone and it never materialized, but two sequels followed it during the eighth and tenth seasons on the series.

         Guest Stars: Georgio Rossi...Jack Kruschen,...Regina Rossi...Brioni Farrell,...Lorenzo Rossi...Michael Stefani,...Maria Rossi...Penny Santon,...Billy...Hoke Howell,...Seth...Robert Foulk,...Tonio...Robert Corso,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: Jack Kruschen as Georgio, Penny Santon as Maria, Brioni Farrell as Regina and Mike Stefani as Lorenzo, would appear in two more installments, season eight's, "The Deed and the Dilemma", and season ten's, "Sound Of Drums".  Robert Foulk seen again, this time as a storekeeper.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lovejoy Buttes, Antelope Valley, California.

         Filming date: January 27 to February 3, 1966

232.) The Fighters
         April 24, 1966

         Written by: Robert L. Goodwin
         Directed by: R. G. Springsteen

        Feeling guilty for unintentionally ending the career of a professional boxer, Hoss vows never to fight again.  But things change when Joe is nearly beaten to death.

         Guest Stars (cast/character): Hank....Michael Conrad....Dugan...Phillip Pine....Rubi...Mari Aldon...Charlie...Cal Bolder....Smitty...Gene Tyburn...Bert...Bruce Mars....Doc...Grandon Rhodes...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt/fight double for Dan Blocker)...Chuck Hicks...(uncredited; stunt/fight double for Cal Bolder)...Hal Burton...(uncredited; cowboy in barn),...Clint Sharp...(uncredited; old cowboy in barn).

         Trivia: In the big fights with Michael Conrad and Cal Bolder, Bill Clark doubles as Hoss, in the long shots, throughout this episode.  Cal Bolder was previously seen in season two's, "The Ape" as Arnie, and was in the classic Star Trek episode, "Friday's Child".  Bruce Mars making his second appearance, this time as Bert, previously seen in this season's, "Five Sundowns To Sunup".  Mars, best remembered as "Finnegan", in the classic Star Trek episode, "Shore Leave".  Phillip Pine as Dugan, previously seen in season five's, "The Legacy", and Michael Conrad as Hank, best remembered from TV's hit, "Hill Street Blues".

         Location scenes filmed at: June 1961 stock footage at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada along with June 1961 stock footage at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: February 4-14, 1966

233.) Home From The Sea
         May 1, 1966

         Written by: George F. Slavin, Stanley Adams
         Directed by: Jean Yarbrough

         A sailor, claiming to be one of Adam's closest friends, is given a warm welcome by the Cartwrights, who have no way of knowing the man and his accomplice plan on robbing them.

         Guest Stars: Gilly Maples...Alan Bergmann,...Morgan...Ivor Barry,...Saloon Girl...Margaret Shinn,...Andy...Wayne Heffley,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles...(stunts; uncredited for Ivor Barry),...Ed Jauregui...(stunts; uncredited for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Guest star Alan Bergmann making his first appearance as Gilly, later seen in season ten's, "Mark Of Guilt".  Bergmann was in many TV Westerns, and even appeared in the classic Star Trek episode, "The Empath".  He is also a director.

         Trivia: In act four when Gilly and Morgan are robbing the ranch, Morgan (Ivor Barry), gets into a fight with Ben (doubled by Ed Jauregui).  Actor Ivor Barry is wearing a steel arm in this episode, and almost kills Ben, unforgettable.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles for actor Ivor Barry in the fight scene in act four with Ed Jauregui doubling for Lorne Greene in the medium and long shots.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-fourth appearance on the series.  In this episode he plays the black horse that Bill Clark is riding on the street and stage 17 in act four.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1964 stock shot filmed at dusk of Adam riding Sport through the pasture at Onyx, California. Note: The stock shot makes use of Adam riding, to double for Gilly Maples in the story and to save on production costs.

         Filming date: February 15-22, 1966

234.) The Last Mission
         May 8, 1966

         Written by: William Douglas Lansford and S. S. Schweitzer
         Directed by: R. G. Springsteen

         Ben and Hoss unwittingly aid a vengeful army colonel who plans to wipe out every Indian he can with a Gatling gun.

         Guest Stars: Colonel Keith Jarrell...R. G. Armstrong,...Sergeant Devlin...Tom Reese,...Lowell...Brendon Boone,...Poker...Ken Mayer,...Chief Elkoro...George Keymas,...Wiggins...Clay Tanner,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bill Clark...( uncredited; stunt & horseback double for Dan Blocker ).

         Trivia: Guest star R. G. Armstrong makes his last appearance as Colonel Jarell, who previously appeared in season one's, "The Philip Deideshiemer Story", and in season three's, "The Horse Breaker".  Tom Reese portrays Sergeant Devlin, previously seen in season six's, "The Underdog" as one of Harry Starr's cattle thieves.  Ken Mayer as Polk, seen in earlier episodes, such as, "Rich Man, Poor Man", "The Jonah", and later seen in season twelve's, "Thornton's Account", as the Sheriff.  Clay Tanner as one of the soldiers, previously seen in this season's, "Ride The Wind", and in season eight's, "The Pursued".

         Stunt Trivia: Bill Clark doubles Hoss in the night scenes on Stage 17, when he escapes the camp and is shot by Sgt. Devlin.  He also doubles Hoss on location at Vasquez Rocks when he passes out and falls off his horse.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch and Vasquez Rocks, Southern California.  The inclusion of stock footage is seen of Lake Los Angeles and even some locales in Arizona and Utah from Paramount's film library.  The teaser of this episode opens with June 1962 stock shot of Ben, Hoss, and Joe riding their horses along the shore of Gooseneck Reservoir in Truckee, fading to June 1964 stock shot of the Cartwrights riding through the lush pasture at Oynx, California.

         Filming date: February 23 to March 2, 1966

235.) A Dollar's Worth Of Trouble
         May 15, 1966

         Written by: Robert L. Goodwin
         Directed by: Don Daves

        Hoss finds himself in another mess, this one involving a beautiful blonde, a moonshiner, and a nearsighted outlaw who is allergic to chocolate and flowers.

         Guest Stars (complete cast/characters): Kathleen Walker....Sally Kellerman...Craig Bonner...Hamton Fancher...Walker...Elisha Cook, Jr.,...Seth...Robert Foulk...Madam Adella...Mabel Albertson...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal...Hop Sing....Victor Sen Yung.

         Trivia: Guest star Sally Kellerman in the first of two appearances, playing Kathleen Walker, tall and blonde, would return in season eleven's, "Return Engagement", as Lotta Crabtree.  She is still remembered as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, in the classic Star Trek episode, "Where No Man Has Gone Before".  Elisha Cook Jr., as Kathleen's father, also of Star Trek fame; he played lawyer Samuel T. Cogley in the classic episode, "Court Martial".  He was also in season twelve's, "The Weary Willies", as Marcus.  And Robert Foulk as the storekeeper again.

         Trivia: Last episode made and aired the seventh season.

         Filming date: March 3-10, 1966

Production Cost Per Episode: $149,500

Crew Credits

Executive Producer: David Dortort

Associate Producer: James W. Lane

Story Consultants: Jo Pagano, Denne Petitclerc

Music by: David Rose

Director of Photography: Haskell Boggs, A.S.C.

Production Manager: Kent McCray

Color Consultant: Edward P. Ancona, Jr.

Song "Bonanza" by: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

Art Direction: Hal Pereira, Earl Hedrick

Edited by: Everett Douglas, A.C.E., Ellsworth Hoagland, A.C.E., Marvin Coil, A.C.E.

Casting Supervisor: William Maybery

Assistant Directors: Don Daves, Ralph Black, Clancy Herne, Nathan Barrager

Set Decoration: Robert Benton, Grace Gregory

Sound Recording: Lyle Figland, Joel Moss

Makeup Supervisor: Wally Westmore

Hairstyle Supervision: Nellie Manley

Costumer: Dario Piazza

Processed By:
Consolidated Film Industries

An NBC Production

Filmed at Paramount Studios,
Hollywood, California

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