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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Eight...1966-1967

Bonanza: The Lost Episodes:
Nineteen Episodes Included

The Golden Years Close:
Great Dramas And Comedies

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253.) A Bride For Buford
         January 15, 1967

         Written by: Robert V. Barron
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         Hoss is sure a beautiful singer is only after a prospector's money when she shows interest in him.

         Guest Stars: Dolly Bantree...Lola Albright,...Buford Buckalew...Jack Elam,...Blackie Wells...Richard Devon,...Rev...Paul Brinegar...Searcy...Robert B. Williams,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts as cowboy in saloon),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunts as cowboy in saloon),...Hal Burton...(uncredited; stunts as cowboy in saloon).

         Trivia: Jack Elam makes a return appearance, as Buford, previously seen in season two's,"The Spitfire".  Elam was later seen in season twelve's, "Honest John".  Richard Devon seen again, previously seen in season six's, "The Scapegoat", two's, "The Trail Gang", and in season one's, "The Avenger".  Paul Brinegar, of "Rawhide" fame makes his only appearance on Bonanza.  Fine actress Lola Albright makes her second appearance on the series.  She was previously in six's "The Search".

         Trivia: Lola Albright sings "Allouette", "At The Fair", and "Aura Lee".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage at Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: September 30-October 7, 1966

254.) Black Friday
         January 22, 1967
         Written by:
 Herbert Kastle, John Hawkins
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         In the town of Chiso, Joe encounters a former Ponderosa cowhand who is now a gunfighter and expecting to be killed on Friday the 13th.  John Saxon makes the first of his three appearances in the series, in this episode as Steven Friday.

         Guest Stars: Steven Friday...John Saxon,... Josh "Judge" Wyllit...Ford Rainey,...Colt Berry...James Davidson,...Ned Jakes...Robert Phillips,...Enos Low...Robert McQueeney,...Clerk...Robert Christopher,...Sheriff...Willard Sage,...Dr. Geis...Nelson Leigh,...Charlie...Ken Drake.

         Trivia: John Saxon as Steven Friday, a former Ponderosa hand turned gunfighter in this episode.  He would later appear in nine's "The Conquistadores" as a Mexican schoolmaster and in ten's "My Friend, My Enemy" as an Indian.  Ford Rainey as Judge Wyllit, previously seen in earlier seasons, later in season nine's, "Check Rein", ten's, "The Deserter", thirteen's "Fallen Woman", and "A Home For Jamie".  Robert McQueeney as Enos Low, a wizard with a rifle, previously seen in season two's, "The Rival", and in season nine's, "False Witness".

         Robert Phillips as gunfighter Ned Jakes, a former police officer turned actor, James Davidson as Colt Berry, previously seen in season seven's, "Five Sundowns To Sunup", and later in season nine's, "The Stronghold".  Character actor Robert Christopher as the hotel clerk in this episode, previously seen in three's "Broken Ballad" as the Sheriff and in two's "The Gift" as the commanding solider at the fort.

         Trivia: The Mexican street, which was located right off the Virginia City street, was used in this episode, also seen in four's, "A Stranger Passed This Way", and in eleven's, "Decision At Los Robles".  Dortort's, "The High Chaparral" used this street and sets also.

         Trivia: The filming of this episode's climax couldn't be shot because the script didn't give enough insight as to how.  The cast and crew were stumped and couldn't find the answer.  The script was just about gunfighters and really not a story at all.

         Steve Friday comes to Chiso and is very ill.  His widespread reputation as the number #1 gunfighter is up for grabs by the other gunmen in town.  Joe just happens to be staying at the same hotel as Friday is.  The script had the tall blonde kid named Colt Berry as Friday's nephew.  But the young gun didn't know he was related to Friday, who didn't want him to know this.

         There was no mention in the script as to why Friday didn't want Berry to know they were relatives.  Impossible to film the climax.  Michael came up with a good idea quickly.  He said, "Well, it's real simple.  He goes to the shootout with an empty gun.  You pan the room and on the table are the bullets".

         With this sensible solution, the climax could be filmed and the story made sense.  Mike was smart and knew about stories better then most did.  Writing is an art and this is something Mike excelled at greatly.  When it came to rescuing stories, it was one of his special talents.

Source: Kent McCray

         Filming date: October 27-November 3, 1966

255.) The Unseen Wound
         January 29, 1967
         Written by:
 Frank Chase
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald

         Ben discovers that his friend, Sheriff Paul Rowan, is suffering from stress brought on by his wartime experiences.

         Guest Stars: Sheriff Paul Rowan...Leslie Neilsen,...Catherine Rowan...Nancy Malone,...Landers...Jack Lambert,...Tollar...Bill Fletcher,...Dr. Evans...Douglas Henderson,...Garratt...Cal Bartlett,...Timmy Rowan...Frankie Kalbott,...Bleeker...Percy Helton.

         Trivia: When Lorne Greene was an acting teacher, Leslie Neilsen was one of his students, and they were both natives of Canada.

         Trivia: Leslie Nielsen as the Sheriff in this episode, veteran of many TV and movies such as "The Poseiden Adventure" and the "Spy Hard" movies.  Studied with Lorne Greene and a native of Canada.  Bill Fletcher as Tollar, previously seen in season eight's, "Old Charlie", and in season nine's, "False Witness" as Doug Slater.  Percy Helton makes his last appearance on Bonanza also.  Douglas Henderson as the Doc, previously seen in season seven's, "Five Sundowns To Sunup", and in season nine's, "The Gentle Ones".

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-eighth appearance on the series.  In this episode he plays Sheriff Rowan's loyal steed.

         Filming date: October 19-26, 1966

256.) Journey To Terror
         February 5, 1967
         Written by:
 Joel Murcott
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Joe visits his married friends in Arizona Territory, only to discover the husband has become a criminal and is secretly part of a notorious gang.

         Guest Stars: Wade Hollister...John Ericson,...Tom Blackwell...Jason Evers,...Ellie Sue Blackwell...Elizabeth Rogers,...Rita...Lory Patrick,...Sheriff King...Kevin Hagen,...Benjie Blackwell...Kerry MacLane,...Doc Jensen...Lindsay Workman,...Neal...Richard Hale,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts for John Ericson).

         Trivia: John Ericson as Wade Hollister, previously seen in season two's, "Breed Of Violence" as Vince Dagen, a native of Germany, acting in the States for decades.  Jason Evers returns as Tom, previously seen in season two's, "The Duke".  Elizabeth Rogers as Ellie, previously seen in season six's, "Once A Doctor", also was in the classic Star Trek series, in a few episodes, in place of Lt. Uhura.  Kevin Hagen makes another appearance, this time as the Sheriff, later seen in season nine's, "Showdown At Tahoe".  Richard Hale as Wade's father, previously seen in season seven's, "Ride The Wind", as Chief Winnemucca, and in season nine's, "Sense Of Duty", as Chief Winetka.

         Stunt Trivia: The climatic fight on Stage 17 has Michael doing his complete fight and Bob Miles doubling actor John Ericson in the long shots.  John Ericson only does his necessary close-ups in the fight.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1961 stock footage at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, along with 1959 stock footage at Iverson Ranch and September 1962 stock footage at Lake Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, California.

         Filming date: November 11-18, 1966

257.) Amigo
         February 12, 1967
         Written by:
 John Hawkins, Jack Turley
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         A wounded comanchero sides with the Cartwrights when the rest of the gang, led by Captain Fenner, shows up to burn and rob the Ponderosa.  Originally written for Sammy Davis, Jr., who was replaced by Henry Darrow, Manolito on "The High Chaparral".

         Guest Stars: Amigo...Henry Darrow,...Captain John Fenner...Gregory Walcott,...Hartley...Warren Kemmerling,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Consuela...Anna Navarro,...Mosquito...Tim Herbert,...Dr. Martin...Grandon Rhodes,...Benton...Robert J. Stevenson,...Carson...Troy Melton,...Posseman...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Contains many scenes of the Fenner gang burning and looting, which were taken from various Paramount feature films.

         Trivia: Henry Darrow as Amigo and played Manolito on Dortort's, "The High Chaparral".  Darrow has starred in countless Westerns and TV series, and even has his own website.  Gregory Walcott as the notorious Captain Fenner, previously seen in earlier seasons, and later in ten's, "My Friend, My Enemy", eleven's, "A Darker Shadow", twelve's, "Thornton's Account", and in fourteen's, "Riot".  Warren Kemmerling as Hartley, previously seen in four's, "The Colonel", eleven's, "To Stop A War", and in fourteen's, "Heritage Of Anger".  Anna Navarro makes her debut as Amigo's wife, later seen in nine's, "The Thirteenth Man", and in eleven's, "Danger Road".  Troy Melton makes yet another appearance as one of Captain Fenner's men.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Griffith Park, Southern California and June 1961 stock footage at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada and June 1962 stock footage at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: November 4-11, 1966

258.) A Woman In The House
         February 19, 1967
         Written by:
 Joel Murcott
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald
         Lost Episode

         Mary Wharton, an old friend of the family, comes to live on the Ponderosa with her shiftless husband.  When Ben learns Mary is the victim of domestic abuse, he sends Russ packing.

         Guest Stars: Russ Wharton...Paul Richards,...Mary Farnum Wharton...Diane Baker,...Monk...Dennis Cross,...Goliath...Raymond Guth,...Lassiter...Robert Brubaker,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung.

         Trivia: Paul Richards as Russ, the drunken, abusive husband, previously seen as Trock, in three's, "The Lonely House", and later in ten's, "Catch As Catch Can", as Parker.  Robert Brubaker makes another appearance, this time as Lassiter, another Bonanza alumni, in earlier seasons, also in this season's, "The Pursued", and in season nine's, "The Stronghold".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee and a few stock shots of the cattle grazing that was culled from Paramount's library of Western films.

         Filming date: November 30-December 7, 1966

259.) Judgement At Red Creek
         February 26, 1967
         Written by:
 Robert Sabaroff
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Hoss and Joe have their doubts as to who really robbed a way station, suspecting the two men they captured are innocent.

         Guest Stars: Sheriff Will Rimbau...John Ireland,...Morgan...John Rayner,...Hill...Martin West,...Mapes...Harry Carey Jr.,...Willow...Bartlett Robinson,...Jack Rimbau...James Sikking,...Al Wyatt...(uncredited; stunt double for John Ireland),...Clint Sharp...(uncredited; stage driver).

         Trivia: John Ireland as Sheriff Rimbau, in his only Bonanza appearance, a veteran of film and television.  He played Aaron Cartwight in the 1988 TV-movie, "Bonanza: The Next Generation".  James Sikking makes his first appearance as Jack Rimbau, later seen in season nine's, "The Trackers", as Kevin Mako, and Harry Carey, Jr., makes his last appearance in this episode.

         Stunt Trivia: In the fight on Stage 16, Joe versus Sheriff Rimbau, stuntman Al Wyatt doubles actor John Ireland in a few bit parts, with Michael, who does his complete fistfight himself without any problem.  John Ireland manages to do some very good medium and close-ups in his required fight scenes.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California with June 1961 stock footage at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: November 21-29, 1966

260.) Joe Cartwright, Detective
         March 5, 1967
         Written by:
 Michael Landon, Oliver Crawford
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         Joe becomes fascinated by detective literature and drags Hoss into the picture when he suspects the bank is going to be robbed.  The script for this comic episode was written by Michael Landon, based on a story by Oliver Crawford.  The fight scene is a deliberate imitation of the "Batman" series, with Ben and Clem getting beat up by Hoss and Joe!

         Guest Stars: Perkins...Mort Mills,...Simms...Ken Lynch,...Barnes...Ed Prentiss,...Charlie...Herb Vigran,...Hotel Clerk...Robert B. Williams,...Clem Foster...Bing Russell,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts for Bing Russell),...Bill Clark (uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker),...Ed Jauregui (uncredited; stunt double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Ken Lynch as one of the bank robbers, along with another Bonanza alumni, Mort Mills, who was in earlier seasons, this one, his last appearance.

         Trivia: A very funny scene of Hoss and Joe, staggering drunk in the saloon, trying to find out the robbers' plans, and then at the ranch, as Ben reprimands them.  The living room scene was cut out while this aired on the Family Channel, was seen uncut on Goodlife TV Network.

         Trivia: Bill Clark doubles as Hoss in the brief moment, in the scene where Hoss and Joe are convinced they know what room in the hotel the bank robbers are staying in.  Hoss peers through the keyhole, with Joe, who is standing on his back, looking through the transom.  The door opens, and a lady as big as Hoss knocks Bill right on the floor!

         Photography Trivia: In the last scene at the end of Hoss running down the boardwalk to get away from Joe, the camera is undercranked, making it look as if Hoss is running faster than normal.

         Filming date: December 8-15, 1966

261.) Dark Enough To See The Stars
         March 12, 1967
         Written by:
 Kelly Covin
         Directed by: Don Daves
         Lost Episode

         Young Billy Wilcox wanders onto the Ponderosa, sick, hungry, and alone.  Ben finds him, and after he regains his strength, offers Billy a job.  Jennifer Yardley, who with her father is visiting the Cartwrights, is interested in Billy.  Billy is more concerned about a lawman that has come to town because he has a past that could be problematic: he killed a man in self-defense and ran.

         Guest Stars: Billy Wilcox~Aaron Mendoza...Richard Evans,...Jennifer Yardley...Linda Foster,...Tom Yardley...Richard Eastham,...Marshal Denton...Willard Sage,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Doctor Martin...Grandon Rhodes,...Angel...Rita Lynn,...Barclay...Steven Marlo,...Marshal...Baynes Barron.

         Trivia: Richard Evans makes his second appearance, as Billy Wilcox, previously seen in seven's, "The Other Son", and later in eleven's, "What Are Pardners For?".  He was also in the classic Star Trek episode, "Patterns Of Force".  Willard Sage as the Marshal, previously seen in seven's, "The Strange One" as a heavy.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California with June 1964 stock footage of Ben riding at Keyesville and a vista shot of the lush river at Kernville, California.

         Filming date: December 16-23, 1966

262.) The Deed And The Dilemma
         March 26, 1967
         Written by:
 William F. Leicester
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         Ben assists Georgio Rossi in his battle for water on adjoining property.  A follow-up episode to "Big Shadow On The Land", from season seven.

         Guest Stars: Georgio Rossi...Jack Kruschen,...Regina Rossi...Brioni Farrell,...Lorenzo Rossi...Michael Stefani,...Maria Rossi...Penny Santon,...Gurney...Donald Woods,...Sandy...Robert F. Lyons,...Blake...Chris Alcaide,...Clem Foster...Bing Russell,...Older Townsman...Mike Ragan...(uncredited),...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Robert F. Lyons & Michael Stefani).

         Trivia: Veteran actor Chris Alcaide returns to play yet another heavy in this episode. He was previously seen in one's "Escape To Ponderosa" and four's "The Boss" as other characters.

         Stunt Trivia: In the fight at Lake Los Angeles, Bob Miles doubles actor Robert F. Lyons in the long shots, while actor Chris Alcaide is able to do his complete fight without being doubled in "The Deed and the Dilemma".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, California.

         Filming date: January 25-February 1, 1967

263.) The Prince
         April 2, 1967
         Written by:
 John Hawkins, Melvin Levy
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         The Cartwrights play host to Russian royals, who are the target of jewel thieves.

         Guest Stars: Prince Vlady & Peters...Lloyd Bochner,...Count Alexis...Warren Stevens,...Countess Elena...Claire Griswold,...Hardesty...Adam Williams,...Dixon...Noah Keen,...Rivers...Jerry Summers,...Sgt. Bell...Clyde Howdy,...Porter...Gil Perkins,...Ketch...Bill Hickman,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts for Adam Williams and horseback double for Lloyd Bochner),...Jerry Summers...(uncredited; horseback double for Warren Stevens).

         Trivia: Warren Stevens as the Russian nobleman, previously seen in six's, "The Ballerina", as Paul, in nine's, "The Trackers" as Sam Bregan, and in twelve's, "El Jefe".  Lloyd Bochner, a veteran actor seen in over forty years of TV and film makes his only Bonanza appearance, also of TV's, "Dynasty" fame, he was even in the Highway To Heaven episode, "The Reunion".  He is a native of Canada.

         Trivia: Adam Williams makes his last appearance as one of the jewel thieves, previously seen throughout Bonanza's main run, as the villain, as in seven's, "The Brass Box", as Mueller, a few in between, leading to his debut in one's, "The Hanging Posse", as Blackie.  Stuntman Jerry Summers seen briefly, as one of the outlaws, in act two, previously seen in six's, "The Jonah", and later in ten's, "The Wish".

         Stunt Trivia: When Vlady and Alexis split up from the soldiers, Bob Miles horseback doubles Lloyd Bochner, as Jerry Summers does the same for Warren Stevens, as the two show off their horsemanship at the ranch.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California and July 1959 stock footage at Spooner Meadow, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: January 9-16, 1967

264.) A Man Without Land
         April 9, 1967
         Written by:
 Steve McNeil
         Directed by: Don Daves

        The foreman of a neighboring ranch frames Joe for murder as part of a scheme to get his employer's property.

         Guest Stars: Ed Phillips...Jeremy Slate,...Matt Jeffers...Royal Dano,...Millie Perkins...Joan Marshall,...Harry Jeffers...James Gammon,...Coroner...Tol Avery,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Jeremy Grant...Russ Conway,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Dr. Martin,...Grandon Rhodes,...Jake Johnson...William Fawcett,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts for James Gammon),...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota...(uncredited; bit part),...Mrs. White...Dorothy Neumann...(uncredited; bit part),...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra at coroner's inquest).

         Trivia: Royal Dano makes his last Bonanza appearance, previously seen in three's, "Gift Of Water", and in seven's, "The Reluctant Rebel".  Royal was also in the Little House episode, "Sylvia".  Joan Marshall, a familar face that was in 60's television, best remembered as Captain Kirk's love, Areel Shaw, in the Star Trek episode, "Court Marshal".  And Jeremy Slate, as the scheming ranch foreman, a veteran of 60's TV, later seen in season ten's, "The Passing Of A King", as Jeremy Roman.

         Filmed on location at: Albertson Ranch in Southern California.

         Filming date: January 17-24, 1967

265.) Napoleon's Children
         April 16, 1967
         Written by:
 Judith and Robert Guy Barrows
         Directed by: Christian Nyby

         A gang of juvenile delinquents, led by an intelligent runt, who calls himself Napoleon, terrorizes Virginia City and the Ponderosa as well.

         Guest Stars: Donny...Michael Burns,...Ted~Napoleon...Robert Biheller,...Professor...Woodrow Parfrey,...Grace...Phyllis Hill,...Clem...Bing Russell,...J. W....Eugene Martin,...Reb...Kevin O' Neal,...Sampson...Ken Del Conte,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts for Ken Del Conte),...Hal Burton...(uncredited; extra and stunts as gang member),...Jesse Wayne...(uncredited; extra and stunts as gang member),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunts for Dan Blocker),...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra as townswoman).

         Trivia: Robert Biheller as Ted/Napoleon, previously seen in six's, "Between Heaven and Earth", as Ken, and co-wrote the season thirteen episode, "Warbonnet", under the pen name of Robert Blood.  He is retired in his 80's and resides in Washington since 1984.  Michael Burns, of TV's "Wagon Train", was previously in seven's, "The Trouble With Jamie", as Jamie.  Woodrow Parfrey returns from seven's, "Shining In Spain", this time as Ted's Uncle, later seen in ten's, "My Friend, My Enemy", and thirteen's, "Shanklin", as different characters.

         Trivia: In the scene where Napoleon's gang is about to ambush Hoss, stuntman Jesse Wayne is perched on the tree limb and jumps off, landing on a horsebacked Bill Clark (doubling for Dan) in this unforgettable scene.

         Filmed on location at: Albertson Ranch in Southern California.

         Filming date: February 2-9, 1967

266.) The Wormwood Cup
         April 23, 1967
         Written by:
 Michael Landon, Joy Dexter
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         After Joe is not found guilty of killing Zach Crenshaw deliberately, a woman arrives in Virginia City and tacks up posters offering $1,000.00 reward to the man who kills Joe in a fair fight.  She also claims Joe killed her brother and will not believe Joe's word that he didn't.  A mysterious stranger takes Linda Roberts up on her offer, his face is concealed and he won't let her see what he looks like.  Deputy Clem finally receives a telegraph, confirming the identity of the killer who murdered Linda's brother, but she has already paid the mysterious stranger half of the $1,000.00 dollars to kill Joe and time is running out for him.

         Guest Stars: Amos Crenshaw...Frank Overton,...Linda Roberts...Judi Meredith,...Clem...Bing Russell,...DeWitt...Clay Tanner,...Flores...Will J. White,...Clerk...Robert B. Williams,...Hop Sing,...Victor Sen Yung,...Sam...Myron Healey,...Luke...Quentin Sondergaard,...Caleb...Walter Kroy,...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota...(uncredited; extra),...Shotgun Rider...Henry Wills...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Wormwood is a bitter herb.  Mr. Crenshaw had a bitter drink to swallow, knowing his son did terrible things to others, and wouldn't believe it until it was time to face the truth, hence the episode title, "The Wormwood Cup".

         Trivia: Frank Overton in his second and last Bonanza appearance, this time as Amos Crenshaw.  He was previously seen as Laura's father in season three's, "The Storm".  He was in the classic Star Trek episode, "This Side Of Paradise", as Elias Sandoval.  The beautiful Judi Meredith, as Linda Roberts, previously seen in season four's, "Knight Errant" as Hoss' love interest, Lottie.

         Trivia: Stock footage taken from six's "Invention Of A Gunfighter" of Joe riding his first Paint horse, called Cochise, up to the front yard on Stage 16, dismounting and then fading into another filmed shot in this story.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: February 10-17, 1967

267.) Clarissa
         April 30, 1967
         Written by:
 Chester Krumholz
         Directed by: Lewis Allen
         Lost Episode

         The Cartwrights' well-meaning, but irritating eastern cousin causes trouble for them wherever she turns.  Hoss mentions Georgio Rossi's wine in one scene.  Good example of how a woman would have upset the series' equilibrium.

         Guest Stars: Clarissa....Nina Foch,...George Bristol...Roy Roberts,...Peterson...Robert Foulk...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Mrs. Peterson...Louise Lorimer,...Baker...Ken Mayer,...Telegrapher...Norman Leavitt,...Bob Miles...( uncredited; stunt double for Ken Mayer ).

         Trivia: Guest star Nina Foch makes her only appearance as Clarissa, their Eastern cousin, who wastes no time interfering with the smooth operation of the running of the Ponderosa.

         Stunt Trivia: Michael does his complete fight in the yard at the dinner party.  Ken Mayer does his close-ups and Bob Miles doubles him in the long shots on Stage 17.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Stock shot of Joe and Ben riding at Albertson Ranch that was culled from season five's "The Legacy" which can be seen in act four of this episode.

         Filming date: February 20-27, 1967

268.) Maestro Hoss
         May 7, 1967
         Written by:
 U.S. Andersen
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         Hoss is conned into buying a violin from a gypsy fortune teller, and everyone on the Ponderosa--except for Hop Sing--suffers the consequences.

         Guest Stars: Madam Marova...Zsa Zsa Gabor,...Mrs. Hibbs...Kathleen Freeman,...Hank...Del Moore,...Barney...Doodles Weaver,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles (uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon).

         Trivia: Zsa Zsa Gabor, of the Gabor sisters makes her only Bonanza appearance, as Madam Marova, unforgettable!

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles horseback doubles Joe in the scene at Golden Oak Ranch, where Joe is riding his Paint horse across the meadow, jumps over a rut and then cuts over to the dirt road. The following shot is Michael doing the last part on the horse where he stops and asks a local the whereabouts of Madam Marova.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch and Griffith Park, Southern California.

         Filming date: February 28-March 7, 1967

269.) The Greedy Ones
         May 14, 1967
         Written by:
 James Amesbury
         Directed by: Don Daves

         The Ponderosa is in danger of being overrun by gold hunters.  The episode appropriately concludes with one of Lorne Greene's infrequent voiceovers.  "The gold rush was over, gone like a soap bubble in the sun.  The Ponderosa was just as it has always been.  And we went home".

         Guest Stars: Shasta...Robert Middleton,...Gus Schultz...George Chandler,...Henshaw...William Bakewell,...Pike...Lane Bradford,...Fallon...Bob Anderson,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Wooley...Phil Chambers,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Slade...Lincoln Demyan,...Hal Burton...(uncredited; extra as townsman),...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra as saloon girl with blonde hair),...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra as bartender).

         Trivia: Robert Middleton making his last Bonanza appearance, as mining tycoon, Shasta.  Middleton's excellent acting was seen previously in season five's, "King Of The Mountain", as Grizzly, and in a stellar performance, as Sam Bryant, in the season one cliffhanger, "Death At Dawn".

         Trivia: Serial star Lane Bradford, making yet another Bonanza appearance, as one of the locust-hungry miners, and veteran serial and movie actor, George Chandler, well remembered in the 50's beloved, "Lassie" TV series.  He played Gus Schultz, the old miner, who discovers gold on the Ponderosa, in this episode.  Last episode made and aired the eighth season.

         Location Note: The stately Bower's Mansion filmed in Washoe Valley, Nevada in June and July of 1959 is reused in this episode, as mining tycoon Shasta's mansion.  It was originally filmed in 1959 for the ending act of "The Saga Of Annie O' Toole" from season one of the series.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch in Southern California and 1959 stock footage of the stately Bower's Mansion in Washoe Valley, Nevada which was reused from season one's "The Saga Of Annie O' Toole", and June 1961 stock footage closing out act four with Ben, Hoss, and Little Joe riding their horses through the wooded clearing with the Mount Rose Peaks in the background at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: March 8-15, 1967

Production Cost Per Episode: $163,000

Crew Credits

Executive Producer: David Dortort

Associate Producer: James W. Lane

Executive Consultant: Thomas Thompson

Music by: David Rose

Director of Photography: Haskell Boggs, A.S.C, William F. Whitley, A.S.C.

Production Manager: Kent McCray

Color Consultant: Edward P. Ancona, Jr.

Song "Bonanza" by: Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

Art Direction: Hal Pereira, Earl Hedrick

Edited by: Ellsworth Hoagland, A.C.E.

Story Consultants: John Hawkins, William Douglas Lansford

Casting Supervisor: William Maybery

Assistant Directors: Don Daves, Ralph Black, Clancy Herne, Sherry Shourds

Unit Production Manager: Don Daves

Set Decoration: Robert Benton, Grace Gregory

Sound Recording: Lyle Figland, Joel Moss

Makeup Supervisor: Wally Westmore

Hair Stylist: Nellie Manley

Costumer: Dario Piazza

Processed By:
Consolidated Film Industries

An NBC Production

Filmed at Paramount Studios,
Hollywood, California

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